Can you really double your rates? Joanne did (watch this)

Do you sometimes question yourself, struggling with the confidence to increase your rates, aren’t sure which way to go or what to do next with your business? Then you must watch Joanne’s story:

Joanne doubled her rates from 2,500 to 5,000 because she had us in her corner, showing her how to do it and giving her confidence to go for it. She shared some of the following with me and I hope it inspires you to take bolder action in your own business: 

I was in this transition period and I did not really know what to do. Just as I started figuring out which business to start, I landed on you…I felt seen and heard, and I knew that I’m not a statistic in a guru’s program.”

Isolation felt real, it felt confusing. She was questioning herself. Then, she found us and our “special sauce” of (not just the strategies, tactics, and scripts to follow, but also) love, support, and the importance of the business success mindset that really works. She recognized that, when you have all of this, you have the confidence to do things you would ordinarily not do on your own. 

Joanne learned to think bigger, find her niche and believe in the deep value of what she was offering. That’s when she started filling her virtual events and doubled her rates! 

“I jumped…and I’m like, ‘I’m going to do a virtual event’… I put it out there, and within two weeks, we had 45 registrations. That’s where the courage, then the confidence came. At the time my one-on-one package was at 2,500. It’s now at 5,000, and this morning I signed up a client who is taking my one-on-one package. Now, I don’t blink. I just say the figure.”

Go Joanne! THIS is how you do it: invest in yourself, so you get what you need to succeed. 

What about you?

=> Do you need to break through self-sabotaging beliefs and habits so you take more action? 

=> Do you wish you could follow a clear plan from someone who is already there? 

=> Do you wish you could be part of a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs? 

=> Are you ready to truly invest in yourself and show up for yourself, to be seen and heard? 

If that feels like something that would change everything for you, let’s chat immediately. 

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We’ve helped tens of thousands of women do all of these things and more, creating an amazing income while having their life back; I believe we can help you too.

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P.S. Whether you have been following me for some time or are just hearing about what we do, Joanne has some advice about dealing with resistance both inside and out:

I knew I was created for so much more, and I knew so many people, especially of my heritage, where I come from, look up to me now. I am a role model for very many people.

Boldheart Business is not just some random cost, it’s not just some random program. It is a community that truly cares. No professor in Oxford or Cambridge can give me the love, the community and the connection that I get in Boldheart.”

We truly agree with Joanne. Please know that, when you book a free Strategy Session here, there is never any pressure or commitment to enroll. It’s just a conversation to get to know you and see if you’re the right fit to grow, just like Joanne is doing. 

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