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Break Free from Self-sabotage in Your Business

As a woman business owner who’s likely having trouble making consistent progress, I want you to know that you’re not alone. As a business coach for 20+ years, I hear from many women who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and how to do it, but for some reason, they can’t seem to take the necessary action to make it happen, at least not consistently.

This is a common experience, but it’s something we can work through together.

Why is this happening?

Well, the reason why we sometimes hold ourselves back is quite simple, even though it may not be immediately apparent. We often think that if we have a good idea, we can consciously decide to take action and see the results we want. But that’s not the way it works in reality.

You see, action is driven by our subconscious beliefs, not our conscious thoughts.

This is true for every aspect of your life, including your business. If you believe that you’re capable of achieving your goals and that you deserve to do so, you’ll be more likely to take the necessary action to make it happen.

However, if you have any doubts or fears about your abilities or worthiness, you’ll likely sabotage yourself, intentionally or not. I see this every day when people are not being supported adequately.

These doubts and fears can take many different forms. For example:

You might be afraid of failure, or you might feel like an imposter who doesn’t really belong in the business world.
You might worry that you’re not good enough or that you don’t deserve success.

Whatever your specific fears and doubts may be, they can hold you back and prevent you from achieving your full potential by having you not fully through on what you say you want to work on.

So, how can you overcome these subconscious roadblocks and start making progress in your business? The key is to shift your mindset and change your beliefs.

This is something I work on with ALL the members of our signature program….where we don’t just work on WHAT you need to do, but also WHO you need to be.

This means we must have you create a new self-image for yourself, one that reflects the confident and capable person you truly are.

This might involve working on:

  1. Your self-talk
  2. Visualization exercises, such as mind movies
  3. Affirmations with brainwave frequencies
  4. Working with EFT, NLP or other ways to create new neural pathways
  5. or any other of the many mindset-building practices that shift your beliefs, in a radical yet gentle way

I recognized this need for mindset work not only within myself (this is what originally got me to 7 figures in my business 15 years ago, but also within the tens of thousands of women I’ve accompanied to great success within our coaching program.

So much so that there is nothing I teach now about business building that doesn’t start with a “mindset first methodology” to help our members overcome their doubts and fears.

We have devised a proven approach to upgrade their beliefs and eliminate the roadblocks that are holding them back.

And once we’ve worked on your mindset, that’s when ALL of the strategies, concepts, formulas, scripts, templates, and playbooks you need to grow your business begin to work. Like magic.

All that to say, your mindset is absolutely critical to your success as a business owner. It’s not enough to have a good idea or a solid strategy – you also need the confidence and belief in yourself to take action and make it happen.

By focusing on your mindset and shifting your beliefs, you can break through the barriers that are holding you back and achieve the success you deserve.

Now what though?

Well, you may find yourself overworked and unsure of how to scale your business without sacrificing your freedom. That’s why we’re offering a complimentary 60-minute breakthrough strategy session with one of my expert business coaches to help you gain the clarity and direction you need to take your business to the next level, while also addressing the mindset that is likely getting in the way now.
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During this session, our coach will help you identify your biggest obstacles and give you actionable steps to overcome them, along with some mindset shifts that will help.

You’ll receive a personalized roadmap to grow your business while maintaining your quality of life, and you’ll gain clarity on specific things to let go of so you can remove obstacles and grow. You’ll also receive a personalized plan of action to scale your business and generate more income while feeling confident with your next steps.

Yes, it’s free, but it’s not for everyone. You must be serious about scaling your business to 100K months to qualify. If that’s you, click here to book your strategy call.

Self-sabotage no longer needs to be part of your business. We can help starting today.

Go for it,

Fabienne Fredrickson
Author of the book The Leveraged Business
Founder of Boldheart Business

P.S. There is no charge for this call, it’s our way of getting to know you better, and our way to provide you “results in advance”, so you can feel trust with us.

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