Yes, you can 5X your revenues in one year, like Bethany did (here’s how)

Do you sometimes wonder where your business will be in one year’s time? Well, it really depends…

You could be in the exact same place.


You could multiply your revenues by 5 times in just one year, get control of your business and work so much less…like Bethany did, as soon as she joined our program.

Is that even possible? And if so, how DO you do it? Well, to find out and get inspiration and tips for your own business, watch this:

Yes, I get the lure of trying to do it all on your own. I mean, it’s cheaper, right?

Well, it’s not really “cheaper” to do it on your own, if you think about it. The longer you continue fumbling, trying to do it on your own, the more time you are likely wasting…when you could be making so much more AND having more time off.

When Bethany found us at Boldheart, she was hustling, feeling overwhelmed by trying to figure things out by herself, after her slowest month of the year.

After only a year of working with us (during one of the most unstable times we’ve ever experienced), she was able to make 5 times what she made the previous year! She has shared with me personally that joining us was the best decision she’s made in her business. Ever. 

Here’s some of what she shared with me about where she was when she found us and how joining the Boldheart Leverage Program changed everything for her:

I was overwhelmed. It was just me. I just didn’t know how to scale my business. Boldheart was really the catalyst that set everything off.

When I had my initial coaching session with Boldheart, my coach said, ‘I really see this as a $400,000 business.’ I was like, ‘This year? I’m going to be at $400,000?!?’ 

I actually get to make more than that THIS year. It’s been great adjusting to the new lifestyle. Actually, in five years, I want to be out of the business. I’m going to retire in two years.

From struggling to retiring?? Yes.

What was it about the program that got Bethany such amazing results in such a short time?

“After I got the marketing machine running, it’s the Quarterly Activators for me that give me the blueprint of how to scale my business…my phone wouldn’t quit ringing. It was great.

The community is great and the whole program is just a blueprint of how to do it. It’s been working very well for me – having the regimented thing, because I can’t be regimented myself.”

As she shared, here’s what made the difference for Bethany:

  • Together, we created a plan to reach her big goals.
  • We helped her shift her mindset about what was possible.
  • We provided the tools, structure and support she needed.

What about you?

=> Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next? 

=> Are you curious about how to reach your big financial goals AND have more down time?

=> Would it be useful for you to have a customized recipe for growing your business, one you can easily follow?

=> Do you long for the support of a community who will lovingly champion you and hold you accountable to your dreams and goals, so you finish what you start, while making friends?

Then it’s time for us to talk.

Let’s book a time for us to chat and see what’s going on in your business now and what it would mean for you to have the same structure and support she has. Could you go to half a million this year? Let’s find out!

Reach out to us right now so we can book a time to talk (at no charge).

We’d love to hear more about your situation and where you’d like to be in 12-24 months. Together we can start mapping out a path to your exponential growth of income, impact and quality of life. Go ahead, just hit the red button below to set up the same conversation that Bethany did, the one that changed everything in her life:

Book my free strategy call

It’s actually a lovely process when you aren’t alone. 

I believe in you,

P.S. I know deep in my heart that you too can experience a similar transformation when you take decisive action to join us.  

If you’ve known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact, but you’re not sure what to do next, let’s have a no-pressure (free) exploratory call.

(No pushy sales pitch, it’s not our style. We do things the feminine way around here.) 

Can’t wait to see your request come through. xo

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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