Behind the scenes from Day 1 of MMBW – “Shift” the way you work

Day 1 of MMBW was amazing. Big breakthroughs for people in the room – and I hope this exercise for you at home can help you get some of the same. “See” you on the next video…

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  1. Wow, Fabienne! Just have to say, “You look hot”. I can’t wait to listen live tomorrow. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  2. You are so right Fabienne about time wasting activities and getting rid of them. What tip would you have if you are in the start up phase and do not have the capital to outsource all these activities…e.g. bookkeeping, brochure redesign, …..?

  3. Thank you for sharing your expertise! I am wondering what you think of non-money generating activities that give to people who are asking. ie: “coaching” someone without charging a fee or your normal feel.

  4. Can’t wait for tomorrow, Fabienne! Thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself and the workshop with those of us who couldn’t make it!

  5. @ Birgirt,

    I would suggest that you choose a specific day to do them on. I am just starting out as well and I make time to do book keeping one day out the week or either I do one day out of the month. And when I have enough income to outsource it I will. I think its great if you do it when you first start so you know what exactly needs to be done so that you can manage the person who is handling your account. Also have you ever thought about bartering? I know I have coached someone for free in exchange for marketing for me. Try this and see how it works out.

  6. Fabienne I am just getting started so truly as I am on a Vision Retreat in Tallahassee, Fl. for a week and a half and as my 1 year od have her 1st Birthday today I am proud to say that I am no longer in denial and as of recently put an end to all the drama and chaos from my baby father who has used, emotionally and financially abused and manipulated out of time, $$ and my body for the last year and a half since I have been pregnant- A COMPLETE DISTRACTION FROM ME BEING FOCUSED ON MY BUSINESS!!! 2nd to that are the immediate family members such as my mom and two sisters that I have been seeking acceptance from. Those relationships over the past 20 years and I am now 34 years old coupled with the baby father have hindered my life from living out my purpose…hence staying focused, valued and making an incredible living for myself.

    Lisa E. Dunn
    Dunn Lifesyle Management LLC

  7. Fabienne…let’s just say you look Fabulous and your tip was wonderful. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. Did I say you look fab! Smile. Give ’em heaven tomorrow. Rachel


    Lisa E. Dunn
    Dunn Lifestyle Management LLC

  9. Birgit, I concur with Erica about outsourcing through trade/barter. I get my books done and work with a VA all through trade. I have also recently “hired” (no pay) a marketing intern from a local college to help me implement some of my marketing plans. She is learning things she is not in school but will be very valuable to her in the job market (and which she is having fun learning and actually “doing”) and I am getting extra hands to carry out all the ideas I have for growing my business. It’s a win win! (My VA found her through a Craig’s list post)

  10. So looking forward to tomorrow’s live event. Thank you for allowing us to take a peek at all the wonderful things you’ll be teaching. As usual, this tip is invaluable. You are truly a blessing and your work is very much appreciated.

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