Be strategic with your time when leading a group program

If you are just starting to run group programs, finding the right time slot may feel like a challenge. Sometimes my clients want to please everyone, so they ask the group that is forming what are the best times for them. What I have found as a rule of thumb is that whenever you ask for a consensus, you open up a huge can of worms that you never can close for two reasons.

“Be strategic with your time while leading a group program to ensure everyone can participate and get value.” (Click here to tweet this.)

1. No one will ever agree and you’ll be stuck because now that you’ve asked, somebody will be disappointed since you didn’t pick his or her time.

2. Asking group members what they want sets up a sense of entitlement. I’m just telling the truth given my experience of doing so many group coaching programs. After years of having it be really hard to figure out what I should do, I found that people are looking for a leader.

So how do you pick a good time for the program? There are two things to consider.

1. Look at what time your clients will be available. Business owners can create their own schedules so I would have calls at 3:00 or 4:00pm. They can usually move their schedules around.

2. What works for you? The best thing you can do is be a decisive leader. Pick the time and day and that’s it. Somebody is always going to be unhappy – that is unavoidable. So decide when you want to run the group and remember you can always change it if you have to later.

Once you choose a day and time, keep to the same schedule each week and be consistent. Record the session and make the replay audio available. That way you can say, “Even if there are one or more classes you can’t attend, no problem. Every call will be recorded. In fact you can listen to these calls as often as you like.”

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Are you planning a group program soon? Be a good leader who makes decisions. Your decisiveness and consistency help your clients know what the rules are and how things work. Too many choices can be confusing, so take on this responsibility for your clients. Most people appreciate structure so don’t hesitate.


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