Be so unique that you eliminate any comparison or competition

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To get great traction in your business and grow without as much effort, let’s talk about setting up your business so that it becomes untouchable by others in your industry and remove any comparison with your competitors. 

When you successfully discover what makes your product or service unique, there will be no competition. You will change your industry.

You too can experience this when you have differentiated your offerings, your culture and your company so much that clients will call your business their home, stay for years and endlessly refer you to others. 


  1. Set up your business so clients get results with you and your company that they can’t get elsewhere. Consider making the necessary changes that would allow your clients to get what we call “practically guaranteed” results.
  2. Create a culture that allows your clients to feel something that they cannot feel elsewhere…that intangible and lasting impression and particular way of doing things that just leaves them feeling really good. 

Coming up with this will require that you take some time away from your day-to-day putting-out-fires frame of mind to strategize how you will shift your positioning in the marketplace so that you are unlike everyone else. It’s time to differentiate you from others who may offer the same product or service and the way to do that is to develop your individual brand, unique personality and approach. 

Spend a few minutes thinking about the way you stand out (or don’t stand out): 

Consider the way that you present your product or service, and how you want your clients to feel when they work with you, buy your product, or interact with your company.

What are some things you could do that would enhance your clients’ experience and differentiate you? 

If you aren’t sure where to start or how to set yourself apart right now, we’re here to help. Let’s get you clear on your passion and purpose and translate that into your unique offering so you can become untouchable. 

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