Be Known for One Thing

If you’re having trouble getting clients, it could be because your business has a split personality. When I was first starting out, I met a lot of business owners who, when asked what they do,  would reply, “I’m a holistic nutritionist…and I do reiki…and I teach yoga…” and the list would go on. I’ve also met so many coaches who would describe themselves as a sales coach but would also add in that they do relationship coaching and career coaching, etc.

They were offering too many things. You see, the more things you focus on in your business, the harder it is to grow. Why? Because if you are not able to be 100% clear about your offerings, then your prospects will be confused (and they won’t buy.) Split personalities in business simply don’t work. Instead, I want you to be known for ONE thing and ONE thing only.

Now, you certainly can use the Umbrella Concept in your business. This is where you can have different, related offerings but they all fit nicely under one big umbrella. Let’s take my business as an example. I teach small business owners how to get more clients but I also teach systems, leverage, pricing programs and packages, organizational infrastructure, mindset, universal principles, and spiritual marketing, etc. This is different than having a split personality because everything fits neatly under the umbrella of Client Attraction. All of these things help you grow your business, make more money, while working less. See the difference?

Think about your business. Do you offer lots of different things? If so, is it messy and confusing or does everything fit under one umbrella? When your services can be captured under one umbrella, people get it.

Your Video Assignment

Answer this question: What are you known for?  I want you to get really clear on the answer to that. Keep in mind the cream rises to the top. You want to be known for one thing in order to stand out in your marketplace and really become an industry leader—that’s what I want for you.

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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