BE => DO => HAVE (this is the secret sauce)

In today’s video, I want to share a story with you about getting to the next level in your business.

A few days ago, I was celebrating with one of our members and she was absolutely giddy. She said, “I crushed it this past year, thank you so much!” 

We were celebrating that she’s got more clients than ever, that she’s making more money than she’s ever made being self-employed, and she said…

“Fabienne, I’m ready for my next level.” 

And when I agreed, she said, “Just tell me what to do!” 

My response was, “That’s not where we start!” 

And she was really confused, as you might be too. And so today, I want to explain to you the process of BE => DO => HAVE I explained to her, which is how advancing entrepreneurs like you get to the next level. Watch this now:

You see, most people think that having more is achieved by doing, doing, doing. But it actually doesn’t work that way. 

We must employ a Mindset First Methodology™ to everything that we do. (This is the secret reason why our members get such great results.) 

Yes, it’s massively important to talk about strategy and tactics and to map out a plan for growth. Those are the pragmatic things you need to have to get you where you want to be next. 

But for you to achieve the things you want, you need to ask yourself…

“Who do I need to become to consistently take the right actions needed for growth?”

Yes, it’s about BECOMING, first. 

So, what does that mean for you? 

Let’s go back to the formula…

BE => DO => HAVE

You must start with the BEING. (Who do you need to become?)

I get that it’s counterintuitive and perhaps a little complicated at first, but it’s really very simple. 

If you look up the ladder to the people who are at your next level, how do those people ACT or BEHAVE? How are they BEING in the world? What are their HABITS? What are their MINDSETS? What are their BELIEFS? 

What’s their relationship to the next level of income?

Put simply, the mindset of where you are now isn’t going to move you to the next level

If you want to be a thought leader, who do you need to BECOME to carry out the actions of a thought leader?

If you want to be an author, it’s not just about sitting down and writing. WHO do you need to be? What state do you need to be in? How disciplined do you need to be? How much of a visionary do you need to be? 

And then you need to ask yourself…

“What’s getting in the way of me becoming that right now? Where’s the gap I need to bridge between where I am right now and who I want to be?”

So if you’re looking at the year ahead, thinking that it’s time to go to the next level…

…this is where you start.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. Transformation requires being witnessed by others. 

If it’s not happening on your own, and if you want support shifting your mindset on your journey of exponential growth, reach out to us today. Let’s talk, for free, and see if we can help. We’re here, waiting for you.


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