Avoid Price Resistance by Focusing on ROI

You need to be paid well. But, when it comes to raising your rates, you may get resistance from clients who have a hard time justifying paying as much as you’re charging. You’re experiencing what I call price resistance. In today’s video I’m going to walk you through just how to position what you offer so that clients can see the real value they’re receiving. They need to know the Return on Investment from working with you. So tune in and I’ll show you how to position your marketing and what exactly to say to do just that.
I see this with my Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond clients and even clients in the Gold level of my Winner’s Academy. The minute you raise your prices, you’re met with resistance so here’s what your rationale needs to be.

It all comes down to believing in personal investment. When you do and when you live it yourself—by working with a high level mentor or being part of a mastermind group that will stretch and pull you into your future—then you will be able to receive high level rates and be paid well for the work you do.

From there you will have the words and the rationale to talk to your clients about Return on Investment (ROI). When you take the focus away from ‘cost’ and instead put it on ‘ROI’, clients and prospects will be able to see the true value of what you have to offer.

Your Video Assignment
1. Paint a picture of what your clients receive as a result of working with you. How will working with you make a difference in their life?
2. Position your marketing in a way that focuses on ROI. Use wording that can clearly express what they’ll get out of working with you.
3. Practice positioning what you offer in terms of ROI. Remember ROI doesn’t always mean money. It could be health, increased energy—think of it in terms of how will your client’s life be changed.

You’ll find that clients will happily pay you with future money that they earn back from working with you.

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