At the attorney’s office, signing legal documents for the sale of our house

Wooohoooo! It’s official. We’re moving to our new dream home in a couple of weeks. Since last year, I’ve been quietly manifesting the purchase of a very specific and absolutely gorgeous home, and I’m happy to say we manifested it, included the quick selling of our current home. I’m thrilled, and happy-nervous, as it’s a big upgrade. For me, it’s a humbling reminder that, with the right focus, belief, faith, action and positive expectation, you can create ANYTHING you want in your life. Anything. (That’s what I demonstrated so powerfully for the Mindset Retreat attendees last week in Miami.)

Speaking of creating what you want in your life, it’s time we get serious about growing your business. If you want to work with me directly to grow your business and get YOUR message out there in the world in a much bigger way, and multiply your income, now’s the time. (Seriously, if not now, when? There’s no time to waste.) So, just a quick mention that I’m currently accepting applications for my Mastermind groups and Private Coaching programs. You can still apply by going to the Client Attraction Winners Academy info page to watch videos, read about the different programs and download the application. Send it in to me and I’ll personally read it to help you determine which mentoring program will create the best results for you.

(By the way, I spoke to another client this morning who started working with me a year and half ago, who was making $150,000 back then, frustrated and unhappy, and who just crossed the million-dollar-mark in her business with my help. If you’re interested in similar results, fill out the application and let’s talk this week.)

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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