Are You Taking Personal Responsibility (or are you creating your life by default?)

Here I go getting vulnerable with you again…Module 3 in my How to Play a Bigger Game training program covers one of my favorite themes: Personal Responsibility.

I want to be completely transparent with you and tell you that there was a time that I used to be someone who didn’t take personal responsibility in my life. I put up with unhealthy relationships, was in a terrible financial state, wasn’t taking care of things they way I should have been—but yet I felt it was OK to complain about all it all.

I wasn’t willing to take personal responsibility; therefore I wasn’t taking any action on the opportunities for change that showed up in my life. Instead, I complained. I blamed. I stayed stuck.

Here’s the thing—each and every one of us creates every result that we have in our lives, including the results we experience in our business, our income, our relationships—everything in our lives. You create your reality by the actions you take OR by the actions you DON’T take each and every time an opportunity shows up.

So, what does personal responsibility have to do with playing a bigger game?

Everything. Personal Responsibility is all about being in control of the results you create in your life. If you’re not taking personal responsibility, you’re not in control, you can’t take action and you have no choice but to play small.

I explain it all in detail in Take Massive Action, my 3rd training module in the series (and the last video before my big training call tonight!) Here’s the thing—if you don’t find a way to take massive action you create your life by default. Today, I want you to decide to take a different course of action. Each moment of your life is an opportunity to go one way—or go the way you’ve always gone. It’s all within your own control. Let me show you how. Watch my training video here.

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