Are you Martha or Paula?

Last week I spent two days teaching our members about the tremendous selling power of words.

The right combination of words can become nothing less than, well, Alchemy.

When it comes to your business, even your life, words matter…a lot.

Sure, for some, it’s “just copywriting”…but it’s really so much more than that. The way we communicate who we are, what we do, why it matters and why our reader or viewer should listen to us can absolutely impact our ability to succeed (and make good money).

I believe it to my core.

I shared a personal story with my Boldheart Business members a week ago about the difference between Martha Stewart and Paula Abdul, and the incredible, moving power of words. I’d love to share it with you too, so you can apply it to your own business and increase your results. Click on the image below to watch this week’s video:

The stories we tell have the opportunity to impact lives and create deep change.

The way we talk to the people (prospects) we are spiritually contracted to work with allows our potential customers to recognize something in themselves and in how they relate to us.

As you’ll see in today’s video, in my case, the words that act as a catalyst can be “the channel who wears Chanel” or the directive to “clear the gunk.”

What are the phrases, stories and language that uniquely capture and describe you?

How can you be more authentic and vulnerable in your communication? How can you embrace more of your inner Paula and release anything that is making you be more like your inner Martha?

My hope is that this note today inspires you to be more discerning with your words and write differently. I want to give you permission (not that you need it) to be more of your whole self  in your business, to boldly show your clients and prospects the parts of your personality that your friends and family absolutely adore about you, including your heart.

That’s what will get you so many more clients than you can imagine and have you play a bigger game in your life.

Tell more of your story and connect the dots for your reader so that they can see exactly how that story has lessons for their own journey.

Words do matter. The passion with which we share our words…matters. This is why people will trust you to help them create the change they are seeking in their lives.

From my inner Paula to yours,

P.S. I literally just walked into my apartment in Paris just now after having spent the last 2 weeks in the U.S. teaching authentic marketing that sells, and leading my powerful Mindset Retreat for the 9th year in a row to hundreds of business owners with heart. Incredibly moving. These entrepreneurs tell me they will never be the same after being there with me and going through my process of transformation over a period of 3 sacred days.

Did you get a chance to catch the “backstage pass” livestream of the 2-hour session I broadcasted publicly from the Mindset Retreat on Tuesday? It was incredibly inspiring, I was told. Here’s the replay of this powerful session to inspire you if you feel like being inspired too. Enjoy!! xoxo

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Comments 2

  1. Hello Fabienne! I missed seeing the live stream. I buried our
    senior cat. I was heartbroken and sore and really tired.
    My family took turns the night before through the next
    afternoon, making him comfortable until his heart stopped.
    We took turns digging the grave and when my turn ended,
    I was too weak and sleepy to function. We all slept in shifts
    until the house was quiet. A flood of emotion poured out of
    me once I heard him take his last breath. I cried so deeply
    I felt my stomach tighten and my eyes seemed to hold
    a small stream. Part of me realized, the congestion I had
    fought for three days in the form of pressure at my temple
    was gone in ten bittersweet moments. I was worried about
    how my young men would respond. I got a big hug from one
    son and reassurance that it will be ok.” Think of how our cat
    is no longer in pain and he is running around playing with
    the housemate he had known since he was a kitten.” That
    would be our female senior cat. We lost her in January
    of this year. I spent the beginning of the 15th of Nov. trying
    to shop for a little food. I almost could not focus. It was due
    to the knots in my back and shoulders and the pain in my
    legs which made for walking slowly. Once we were home
    I put things away and planted myself into bed. I almost did
    nothing for the next day and a half. That is totally unlike me.
    I usually like to stay in motion and I have never needed a
    reason to shop… I just do. Once it dawned on me that the
    handwritten reminder for the live stream was still where I
    placed it, I felt guilt. And then I took down the reminder
    and put it in my bin with other artful reminders. I thought
    about all the time I invested in webinars for all the people
    I follow concerning coaching. All the notes I took since 2015
    when I dove deeper into training. All the programs I did not
    have most of the money for but I still studied videos and
    purchased a portion of what I could buy. How this important
    event (being with a dying family member) felt like several steps back.
    I know we, as people all need to rest after loss. I have years of life
    experience with this. Human and animal loss. But it does not change the
    way doubt creeps in sometimes. You know what I mean.
    You decide “I am going to give myself two hours to work
    on a project and then eat lunch”. Then if you accomplish
    that goal you think” I will only give myself permission to eat
    after I do more work”. Or maybe you decide “two hours
    was not long enough so no one will see me for six hours”.
    I believe I am definitely a Paula! Plus I am giving myself
    permission to grieve and use my own advice. Rest and
    take care of yourself after loss. Focus your energy on
    the loved ones that are still here. Reach out to help
    others who are in great need and be someone’s answer
    when they’re stumbling about. I got encouragement from
    the inspiration panel. I will re-evaluate my marketing
    and return with more optimism next week.

    1. Heather, I’m so sorry to hear about your dear cat. I know how hard it is to lose a member of the family :( Please don’t feel any guilt for not attending the livestream! I’m glad that you took the time you needed to grieve and focus on recuperating. Be gentle with yourself. Much love, my dear Heather. ❤️

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