Are you dragging your feet?

I had a conversation with a woman yesterday that compelled me to create this simple (yet profound) video success tip for you. It’s time to start getting FAST results in your business. Stop preparing-to-prepare-to-get-ready-to-implement. Watch my new video for the secret to taking real action–quickly–and with phenomenal results.

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21 Responses

  1. Thanks Fabienne, for such wonderful advice. I’m on a roll now with taking my business to the next level. I truly appreciate all the valuable information along with your gentle nudges! Gotta go now, and implement!



  2. Fabienne I came back from the April workshop and was so inspired. I was the one that felt I couldn’t share my compelling story with the world but thanks to the workshop and the connections with so many other women I’m now doing it.

    Thrilled to be heading to Mindset in Miami now! Woohoo!!

  3. Another fabulous video and on point advice Fabienne! At the April GMCW a small group of us created an implementation group and have met each week since. We are working through the workbook and supporting each other. I can’t agree with you more on surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are going to hold your feet to the fire! Keep all the great guidance coming, we are doing it and it works! See you soon 😉

  4. Perfect timing. Been working on “preparing to implement” since I came home from April workshop. I needed to kick start to realize that preparation is only good if you implement. Thanks again Fabienne. I feel like I’ll be saying thank you to you forever. You’re such an inspiration.
    Looking forward to this accountability partner. A first for me.

  5. Excellent tip – one of my favourites – it’s really about getting over the perfection paralysis and jumping in. Thanks Fabienne. Also, I love the longer hair 😉 You are beautiful!

  6. I think I was the person on the phone with you. Ha! LOL. As soon as I’m able, I’m going to join. I promise. Thanks Fabienne for keeping me accountable. You’re absolutely right. 😉

  7. How in the world do you keep all of thease clips organized? LOL, I get your emails and have been enjoying them. I also enjoyed your CD.
    Have a great Day!

    Just not ready Nancy 🙂

  8. I came home from the April 4-5 Workshop with a plate full of goodies for implementation. I am implementing many of these myself and I am sharing some of the ideas with my coachees who are stuck for one reason or another. I am very glad for the opportunity to join the inner circle and progressively I am looking forward to more involvement all along the way. Many thanks for all things!


  9. I have been able to achieve so much more since I have been a Gold member: with the help of my daily accountability calls, with the Google group we have going, the live meetings and access to Fabienne through our calls each month. The support has been amazing, the material is superb and I have been going through some serious mindset shifts in the past two months. It has been an incredible journey. I was nervous, I did not think it was right for me and now I am so grateful I made the decision to come on board. Did I mention the amazing connections you get to create? Because of being in this group now I will be able to create some amazing retreats in Italy and other gorgeous locations.

  10. You are so right on! I have come to realize that was fun at first when I left the corporate world (the solitude) is now working against me. I find that when I interact with others in my networking group, etc. I am so much more productive.

  11. How timely! I just started a mastermind group today with 2 other like minded entrepreneurs! I’m looking forward to great results for the 3 of us!

  12. Wow….either a salad or garbage. What a great correlation. We need to stay centered and focused and implement, amidst all the “noise” that is out there. Again you have made a difference Fabienne. You are a blessing to all of us!

  13. Thanks Fabienne for the great reminder – as always, a timely message – and no matter how successful we are, we can always implement more and get more done so we can share our brownies in a big way.

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