All of my old “stuff” is coming up!

Fabienne Fredrickson

Many people have massive doubt about their ability to do something really big in this world, including myself (until very recently). They wonder whether they have what it takes or whether they’re “good enough.”

I love talking about that great leap of faith, really expanding our vision of what’s possible for our business, for our clients and for ourselves, and ‘Going BIG or Going HOME’. Woo hoo!

But…then all kinds of emotions start to arise when you take that great big leap of faith and step into your purpose, right?

I’ve seen it happen for me and the entrepreneurs I have worked with over the last 20+ years: when you decide to step into your future in a BIG way, unexpected internal stuff comes up, even stuff you thought you’d ALREADY dealt with.

I’m going through this myself right now. As I have been preparing to launch both my new Fabienne brand AND my new book, I was surprised to see lots of “old stuff” come up, despite all the mindset work I’ve done.

Here’s a snapshot of what came up for me:

“Will they really want what I’m going to be offering?”
“Perhaps I should just keep doing what I’ve been doing for years. At least I know I’m good at that.”
“Maybe I shouldn’t ‘break what ain’t broke’; I mean, I’m doing really well now, why rock the boat?”
“What if I fail and humiliate myself in front of thousands of people? It’s not worth it.”
“What if they reject my new idea, my new brand?”
“Can I really be THIS big?”
”Do I really have it within me to DO this?”
“I’m scared.”

Just telling you about what came up for me makes me feel icky inside. But here’s what I also observed. When you break it down, there really are only 2 emotions in the world: Love and Fear.

Love comes from your higher self, Spirit, Universe, Goddess, God (whatever you call it). Love is safe, there is trust there, it’s synonymous with Faith. When you have faith, you cannot express fear. They cannot exist in the same place. Source WANTS you to grow, to be bigger, to dare to dream an even bigger dream. In fact, Spirit is always championing you to get to the next level, if you’ll just get out of the way.

Fear, on the other hand, comes from the ego. The ego only wants to keep you small, to keep you “safe” by slowing down your progress, stopping you, keeping you under its thumb. This is the only way that your ego can survive, and it’s by controlling you and keeping you down. Yuck.

Now, go back up to the list of things I was thinking and feeling and review them. You’ll see that every one of them is based in fear, which means that each of them is ego-driven.

Here’s what you must know: fear doesn’t really exist!
Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s a bunch of nonsense, if you’re willing to look beyond the fear as just a protection mechanism to keep you small. Who wants to be bullied by some little creepy ego to stay small anyway? Not me!

So if you can recognize that what you’re experiencing or feeling is NOT REAL, then it cannot have a hold on you. That’s what I recognized recently, and I chose to go for it anyway. I hope you will too.

Your Assignment:

Notice what thoughts and emotions come up as you make a commitment to walk boldly into the next step in your business and purpose for being self-employed. Make a list. Write them down. Then, as you read your list, in the margin, I’d like you to label that emotion. 1) Love, or 2) Fear. Which is it based on? I’ll bet just about anything that it’s based on fear.

When you recognize this, you can choose to stay in fear or recognize that you are being “played” by your ego and that it doesn’t actually exist. That all this is fake. And you can choose to act in spite of what’s come up for you.

Listen, this will probably happen a lot more in the beginning. But when you see this happen over and over again, and you recognize it, the hold the ego has on you will begin to diminish considerably. (It already has with me.)

Now, imagine yourself standing at the doorway of your BIG vision and future. You’ve got your hand on the doorknob. You’re ready to step in but you hear “voices” behind you begging you to play small and stay safe. Inside though, you know that these are all smoke and mirrors, that they’re not real.

You have two options:

  1. Walk through the door anyway, because you have no choice but to be your best self and stop playing a mediocre game.
  2. Stay small because of fear, living a beige existence for the rest of your life.

You get to choose.

Personally, I’m walking through. And I’m betting on my faith that it will turn out OK, if not way better than OK. The alternative is just not acceptable.

What about you? What will you do? I’m hoping you walk through that door with me.

I’m here for you to make it happen, safely and with all the support you need.

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Holding the door open for you. xo.

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