Afraid of public speaking? Do this.

So I have a question for you in today’s new video: 

Are you afraid of public speaking? 

I meet so many thousands of women who will say, “Fabienne, I’ll do anything to get clients and to make money. But…

“…oh no, I’m not going to step on a stage, I’m not going to do those videos, I’m not going to be visible. I’m not going to speak in public… 

“…are you crazy? I am so nervous, I would turn bright red, I would lose my voice.” 

People can easily come up with every reason why they won’t get up on the stage (or whatever the equivalent of it is online). Watch how to get past this so you can share more of your gifts to a much bigger audience: 

The way to move past the fear of public speaking is to think differently about getting up on that stage. How? It’s not about you. 

You see, any time that I, in my early days, stepped up on stage or in the front of a business networking group and 50 people (more professional, older than me, better than me) were looking at me, I just lost my confidence. 

I would start shaking, my face would turn bright red, I would lose my voice. And you know why? It’s because I forgot what I was doing.

I forgot that I was there to give value. Here’s what I mean…

Public speaking is energy that goes outward, not inward. When you bring the energy inward, you start thinking about you. 

You start being self-conscious – it’s about you, you, you, and you’ve lost the whole idea of what public speaking is about. 

Public speaking is about the others. It is about sharing. It is about giving value, it’s actually about (when done right) taking the focus off of the speaker and on to the people in the audience, or those watching your videos. 

And when I have shared this with people (women) who have previously been deathly afraid of speaking in public, I say… 

Just forget that it’s about you. 

Just forget that you’re even standing there. 

Just go into your heart, find out what’s true about your topic, come from a place of extreme generosity and vulnerability and love and just give, give, give, give

It stops being about you and you stop being nervous! 

It’s about the TOPIC. It’s about the VALUE. It’s about THEM. It’s not about you, the speaker. It has never been about you as a business owner. It will never be about you as a business owner. 

It is about giving value, and as a result of giving more value than people expect, that’s when it comes back your way. 

But yes, you’re going to get your hair done. Yes, you’re going to figure out how to dress in a way that’s comfortable and professional. Yes, you’re going to get your notes together. 

But that is just the preliminary stuff, and after that, it’s all about THEM. 

And what’s when you forget to be nervous and the fear goes away. 

That’s how you do it. 

Sending you lots of love. Go out there and serve. xo

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