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Hope you’ve got some nice plans for the weekend. We’re back in Paris and have some friends visiting and staying with us from the US, so it should be fun. :)

OK, today’s inspiration nugget is about actually (and predictably) reaching your goals for 2017, the ones you probably worked on earlier this year.

Whenever I meet someone and they tell me I’ve inspired them to exponentially grow their business, at the same time as their quality of life, I have to ask three things:

  1. What’s your stretch goal for this year?
  2. What’s your accountability plan to stay on track with these goals and predictably hit them?
  3. How will you know whether you’re on track or off track at any given moment in the year?

If your answer is, “What yearly goals?!?!” then I hope this message inspires you to create some now. Not pie in the sky of course, but something realistic but still a little bit of a stretch. Because it’s definitely not too late for 2017.

And either way…

I’d love to have you consider increasing your goals. Maybe by a lot… Big goals are way more exciting, aren’t they?

With the right accountability, increasing your revenues by 40% isn’t much harder than increasing it by 10%.

By the way, 40% is a common yearly increase percentage number I hear from many of the Boldheart Business members, which tells you a lot.

With the right accountability, increasing your revenues by
40% isn’t much harder than increasing it by 10%.

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In my experience, there are a few reasons that business owners don’t set big goals:

  1. They don’t think they can achieve them, so not having big goals means they don’t have to “fail” as easily
  2. They are already overwhelmed, so the idea of more revenue means more clients, more problems and more WORK, and that won’t work
  3. They’re not hitting their already “realistic” or low-balled growth numbers, so how the heck would they hit “exponential” growth numbers?
  4. They have no plan for how they’d reach it, so they can’t dream that big

Can you relate?

Here’s what makes goals actually happen, whether they’re exponential or otherwise…


You’re simply not holding yourself accountable to your goals because there isn’t a clear target with a plan and benchmarks to get you there.

And I’m guessing you’re not checking in on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis to see how you’re doing, and what adjustments need to be made to your plan if you’re off track.

(Don’t worry, there is zero judgment there. It’s common. This happens. All. The. Time.)

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s April…and soon, it’s going to be November. And without a plan in place, you’ll wonder how you’re doing toward your goal.

And it will be too late to do anything about it. So let’s start now. Today. OK?

Instead of using the “out of thin air” approach to goal setting and reaching (or having no goals as some do), here is a more strategic approach:

  1. Commit to a stretch goal for this year. (Remember, not pie in the sky. It’s got to be somewhat attainable, but still a little bit of a stretch.)
  2. Reverse engineer how you would make that happen, in a spreadsheet, creating different scenarios of how many clients or customers you would need for each product, program or service, to be able to reach that number. (Within Boldheart Business, we use a Forecasting Spreadsheet template to make this an easier process. Our members love it.)
  3. Next, determine your accountability plan to stay on track with these goals and predictably hit them. How will you know whether you’re on track or off track at any given moment?
  4. Write out that goal on an affirmation card, as if you’ve already reached it, so that it stays with you throughout the rest of the year.

And then, my dear, dear, dear friend, create accountability measures for yourself to check in with this plan every week, like we teach our members.


This is how big goals and exponential growth happen in your business.

Which is exactly what I want for you.

Here to champion you, boldly,

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  1. Thank you, Fabienne. I hope you are enjoying Paris! April is just the best time! I love your blog post here. I have come such a long way on my own, since quitting my ‘day job’ a year ago to do something much more effective with my time, my energy and my creativity. It’s been a massive, massive journey, with major changes in my mindset and my focus, and lots of ups and downs. Your blog just comes at the right time for me – three simple, clear and powerful steps: having a stretch goal, putting into place accountability, and having a plan. Seems so simple, now! I’m really keen on retrospective planning…. i.e. asking myself, what would I NOT have done if I was to find myself in the same place as I am now in a year’s time? I find that really powerful in helping me to sort through all the stuff that flies around in this modern, information-heavy, reactive world, to find the key actions to focus on. My ‘stretch goal’ is huge!…. To change the world for the women I work with. My accountability – it has to be to these women, I think. My plan – hard work, with focused actions every single day. Thank you again for your inspiration! Alison x

    1. Alison, thank you for sharing your story! How encouraging. I’m so glad I was able to show up in your life at just the right time. As you’ve experienced, success can be straight-forward, but takes intention and accountability. Keep focusing and hustling! Much love!

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