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Achieving Goals By Creating Predictable Growth

Business goals, a topic close to every entrepreneur’s heart. Let’s talk about how we reach our goals with predictable growth.

Have you ever woken up in November and realized that your annual goals are still far from reach? Thought to yourself, “Oh, that intention that I set at the beginning of the year, I’m not even close to that”? 

That’s how I used to operate in my business, until I discovered that waiting until the end of the year to assess your progress isn’t going to have you achieve your revenue goals in your business. 

Instead, it’s a weekly process. Watch this video to see how it works:

As the first step, you set your goal for the end of the year. Exciting, right? But here’s where the magic happens – you reverse engineer how you’re going to do it. 

If you have some idea about where you want to take your business but are not sure where to start, take this assessment to prioritize your business goals in under 3 minutes.

Firstly, I want you to create a forecasting spreadsheet, which is what I do and I recommend to our members. Break down your grand target into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily milestones. This way, it’s not just about the big picture; it’s about nailing the details every step of the way. 

Ambitions feel so much more doable when they’re broken down into smaller, more feasible mini-tasks.

Now, once you’ve broken down your goal into smaller milestones, there are a few things you’ll need to do to stick with them, and constantly be improving.

  1. Weekly Check-Ins
    This is about regularly checking in with yourself every single week to ask, “Am I on track with my goal? Great. Can I do more of that to be ahead for this week, this month, this quarter, et cetera?” Conversely, “Am I off track with that weekly goal? And if so, what do I need to do to not only catch up, but maybe over deliver on that goal for the week?” This is about recognizing where you’re falling short and what can be done to make up for it. 
  2. Build momentum by celebrating your achievements
    One crucial element of your weekly check-ins is celebrating wins. But not just any celebration – a purposeful, momentum-building acknowledgment of your achievements. Discover how to make celebration a part of your success strategy, turning each win into fuel for your journey.

  3. Respect the learning curve
    In the journey towards predictable growth and reaching your business goals, it is not about self-critique; it’s about course correction. It’s important to understand and honor each step in your journey. Just as a flower doesn’t bloom overnight, your business requires nurturing, patience, and an acknowledgment that success unfolds through a series of intentional actions.


You in the driver’s seat

This approach offers the flexibility to adapt and control your trajectory. Instead of waiting until the end of the year to realize you’re off course, you’re in the driver’s seat, navigating your journey and making Boldheart decisions along the way to ensure you not only meet your goals, but exceed them.

By breaking down your yearly goals into incremental tasks, they become easier to manage and much more doable. It’s about the scene for success every week, while celebrating each achievement and facing challenges along the way.

This way, it’s not just about reaching bigger goals, but mastering the journey, enjoying the process, and achieving unprecedented success along the way. This is about continuously improving and surprising yourself with what you can achieve.

I’m looking forward to moving forward with you on this transformational journey.


To your weekly victories,

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