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Achieve your business goals by serving more deeply

Let’s talk today about how to achieve your business goals.

We’re so often told, as entrepreneurs, that the key to achieving those big, audacious business goals is to attract more and more clients and customers.

While that is a fantastic strategy, I want to propose a game-changer to you – instead of attracting more clients, what would it look like if you were to serve your clients more deeply, and in turn, keep them for much longer?

Watch this video to learn how to serve more effectively and have more long-term clients:

The Transactional Loop

Here’s what I mean.

This is how many company-customer interactions play out: you provide a product or service, your client engages, pays, and then moves on. It’s a transactional relationship that many of us are used to providing to our clients, right?

But what if we shifted our perspective, and looked at the entire life journey of a client? What if you viewed your client relationships as an ongoing connection where you can offer them different options, different levels of engagement and support based on their timeline and personal path?

What would it look like for you to build in some levels and some ascension or some different options for them to work with you?

From The Leveraged Business to Boldheart

“I was asked recently why I rebranded many years ago from The Leveraged Business to Boldheart. And it was because I wanted to offer so many more things to that existing person that I want to be a hero to.”

When I rebranded from The Leveraged Business to Boldheart a few years ago, – it wasn’t a rebrand for the sake of it; it was a conscious choice to offer more to the incredible women I want to support. 

I wanted to create a journey with my client. When she’s at the beginning stage of her business, there’s a specific program tailored to her needs at that time. As she grows, there’s another, and another. 

The beauty of this approach? Some clients have been with us for eight to ten years or more – and reach even more business goals the longer they stay.

This is because there is this variety that fits with their entire life journey. Boldheart isn’t just about business; it’s about nurturing the person behind the business.

This is why we expanded to Boldheart Woman, Boldheart Self, Money Magnet Club – diving into mindset, and diversifying the support we offer. We wanted to look into the personal side of her life, offering her anything and everything she could possibly need, as my ideal client that I want to help.

Think about it as a love letter you can give to your clients – you understand them and their situation so deeply that you know exactly what will help them throughout different stages in their journey.

Achieve Your Business Goals By Elevating Your Client’s Journey

I want you to start thinking about this concept in the context of your own business. 

Are you stuck in the transactional loop? 

It’s a common starting point, but what if you could elevate your approach? What if you provided a client journey with ascension options, taking care of various aspects of her life?

Imagine working with one ideal client, but enriching many different facets of her journey. 

This, my friend, is a powerful way to reach those big business goals.

Maybe you could start by mapping out the different stages of your client’s journey. What programs or services can you introduce at various milestones? How can you seamlessly guide her from one level to the next, offering valuable support every step of the way?

The magic lies in your ability to understand your client deeply – her business aspirations, challenges, and the personal aspects of her life.

Providing specification rather than range ensures that each service or program is a meaningful step in your client’s journey that will create a lasting impact. It’s not just a transaction; it’s a relationship that evolves and grows.

That, my friend, is what keeps clients with you for years and years.

It ensures you will bring so much indispensable value to their lives and journeys, and allows you to truly reach your business goals.

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