About your perfection paralysis…

Yes, I know you’re not ready. 

Neither am I. 

As you’ll hear in this week’s inspiration video, I hear a lot of people say…

“Oh, I can’t launch that program.”
“I can’t reach out to my client base to say I’m doing an event.”
“I can’t reach out to that joint venture partner.”
“I can’t raise my rates.”

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t…“because I’m not ready.” 

I’ll tell you based on my own experience and my work with 1000’s of entrepreneurs…

…you’ll never be ready. 

But there is such a thing that I call:


This is where you start the thing even if you’re not finished. Even if it’s not ready.

Watch this and inspire yourself to overcome your perfection paralysis, stat:

You see, I believe that a lot of us who come out of the corporate world think that we have to have things perfect before we put them out there to our clients, customers, prospects, social media followers, etc.

And so we get ready to get ready to launch something.

If Bill Gates had created the perfect version of Microsoft Word before putting it out there, he could never have become a billionaire. If Steve Jobs had created the perfect version of the iPhone before he put it out there, there would have never been an iPhone. 

My advice to all of the members of our Boldheart Business programs? 

Let’s launch it NOW and THEN make it better!

Let’s take Imperfect Action. 

Let’s have integrity, yes

Let’s give the thing some legs first, yes

But we are not looking for perfection here. We’re just looking to start!

In the past, yes, I’ve offered programs where I just had an idea of what it would be. Once I had the idea, I launched it, filled the program, and THEN I created it. 

(I’m not the only one who’s done it this way, believe me. I actually think it’s better that way, at least in the beginning)

This is about you getting the inspiration to just start and make it happen. 

And so I want you to ask yourself…

Are you waiting for something to be perfect before you launch it? 

Please, please, by all means rethink that. Start taking imperfect action and then build it as you go. Otherwise you’ll stay exactly where you are…stagnant, stuck and wondering why it’s not happening fast enough. 

Imperfect action. Let’s get it launched, okay?

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