About your credit score… (make time for this webinar)

I just got back from Toronto where I saw my good friend Phil Tirone, a credit repair expert, and boy, did we have an enlightening conversation…all about how your credit score affects your business every day – and about Phil’s upcoming no-charge webinar on what you can do about it.

I captured it on video for you:


In full transparency and from one entrepreneur to another, I didn’t always have a great credit score, especially because I was floating my business on my personal credit cards. Maybe you know exactly what I mean.

In fact, for many years, I didn’t even know what my own credit score was. Do you know what yours is?

As a small business owner, it’s important that you do…and it’s even more important that you maintain as high a credit score as possible. (It impacts so much of your business, and your life.)

Well, Phil and I decided that we want to clear the myths you have about credit and get clear on what it takes to quickly repair your credit.

So, we’re inviting you to his no-charge info-packed webinar taking place THIS Thursday. (It’s a one time only thing, so you’ve got to be in it to get this info.) Phil always delivers a ton of great info so be sure to bring a notebook and pen for plenty of notes. Go here to grab your seat before it fills up:


See you there!

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