About the fear of outshining your friends

In today’s new video, I am sharing how to walk through a fear that could be stopping you from realizing your full potential.

Here’s what I know for sure…as you grow your business, you will start to intimidate some people in your life.

Not everybody will be intimidated by you, but some people will be and there is a real fear of outshining your friends, maybe even your family, as you evolve in your business. Watch now to hear about growing past it:

Over time, I’ve realized that the only way to evolve your business is to evolve yourself…

Problem is, there are people who have been in your life for a long time who have a very fixed idea of who you are to them (have been), and they aren’t ready for you to evolve. 

Just know this: 

As you grow professionally and personally, it will turn off some people in your life. 

I’m here to tell you is…expect it

Well, you have an option: 

You could slow down your progress for fear of alienating the people in your life. 

That would mean shrinking so you don’t make others feel bad about themselves. 

The way I look at it though, they too have the opportunity to grow personally as well, in their own life and their own career. The opportunity is not just there for you.

Personally, I’m not going to shrink down just to make other people feel comfortable (although, I’m not going to rub it into anybody’s face either). 

Yes, in the past I have unknowingly intimidated people. 

It wasn’t my intention, but by virtue of growing and growing and shedding old ways of being and old ways of thinking, I evolved into a new version of myself. And so will you.  

They may say, “Oh you’ve changed,” but I don’t think that you’ve changed, you’ve just become more of who you already were all the time.

Even though they still have a particular view of who you should be, because that’s what you were 10 or 20 years ago…

…you still get to evolve, 
…you don’t have to shrink down because of their view of you.

When you can understand that, that’s when the whole world opens up to you. 

Keep going, love. You’re doing fine, with or without their approval. xo

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