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A powerful video I’d like to share


I’m in the midst of an awesome week with our rockin’ students in the Leverage and Masters Tracks of The Leveraged Business Business School™.

They’re coming in for their 90-day check-ins and we’re celebrating that many of them have doubled this business this year, from last year’s results…

…and the year’s not even over yet!


The results they’ve been able to accomplish this year are nothing that happens in the “real world,” meaning, when they try to grow their business and get clients on their own.

It just doesn’t even compare to what it’s like when you have Strategy, Mindset and a right Community to hold you lovingly accountable.

What we’ve concluded over the last few years is that every business owner needs a place to plug into on a consistent basis…

…to set stretch goals, receive best-practices for growth, practical tools, get strong direction, create mindset shifts and receive strong daily accountability (so you do what you say you’re going to do).

The students all said that the reason they get exponential results year after year is that they feel a part of something greater, that they love being able to be who they really are, to celebrate but also to have a soft place to land when they need it most.

Being understood, being able to tell the truth and not be judged, feeling fully and utterly accepted and also celebrated, the ability to be yourself and be loved for it… that is what’s required.

Want to see why and how it works?

CLICK HERE to view a video about how you too can create exponential results.

I know that you’re probably a lot like me, and that you share my love for personal growth and education.

Maybe you saw my email last week about how you can get a free ticket to The Mindset Retreat in October.

Right now, I’m gifting you a chance to continue your own education by enrolling in our The Leveraged Business Business School™, so you too begin to live in a 90-day world of accountability like all highly successful people do…

…because that’s the only way to multiply your business and income quickly.

And right now, I’d like to offer you some incentives to join us and enroll–not one incentive, but three.

If you’ve ever thought about joining us in The Leveraged Business Business School, now is the time.

From now until Sept. 18th (that’s THIS Friday!), we’re celebrating education.

We are committed to making it easier than ever for you to enroll in CABS, join our tribe of loving, advancing entrepreneurs, get your hands on the exact step-by-step process to build your client base quickly (and therefore make more money), shift your mindset and then systematize your business so you can focus on what you love to do and get others to do the rest.

As you choose to explore enrolling now, rather than later, you have three really cool incentives to enroll in CABS now:

1)   When you enroll in The Leveraged Business Business School before September 18th, you receive a free ticket to my 3-day Mindset Retreat happening in Florida in October so we can jump-start your success by shifting your mindset. (Folks who aren’t yet in CABS are currently paying $1995 to attend this transformational event. You get it for free.)

2)   In addition to a free ticket for you when you enroll in CABS now, you’re invited to nominate an entrepreneurial friend or colleague with an established business to apply for a fully paid scholarship to the Mindset Retreat. This person will show us that he/she has an established business and is ready and eager to experience their own business growth. If they qualify, we will extend them a scholarship to the Mindset Retreat as well (you will look like a total hero)! This means that you get to come to the Mindset Retreat for free (which saves you $2,000) AND can also bring a friend in your network, gifting them this $2,000 gift as well. Just to be clear, this isn’t your spouse or business partner, but someone else in your network who could also benefit from a new enhanced mindset and business surge that comes as a result of attending The Mindset Retreat thanks to you enrolling in CABS now. (Remember, they must apply and be eligible. It’s only fair.)

3)   And finally, when you enroll in CABS before September 18th, you’ll get access to our closed-door 2015 Strategic Planning Full Day Session reserved for CABS students only. It is a full day of you mapping out a yearlong income-acceleration marketing plan. Our students LOVED this event and you don’t have to wait until December for the next one. You can have access to it now and experience a breakthrough in your business now, like they did.

If this is sounding pretty worthwhile for you and you want to see if CABS is right for you, click here now to schedule a no-obligation, no-pressure Strategy Call with one of our caring Strategy Coaches.

It’s really a no-pressure kind of thing – they’re here for you, to help you map out your next 12 months, see what’s getting in the way, and then decide if CABS is the right fit for you and your business. If not, they can help you find another solution.

I believe that there’s no better time than now to commit to growing your education. That’s why I’m gifting you these three gifts.

Imagine having your first $10,000 month?? Or reaching the $200,000 mark in the next 12 months? Finally arriving at $500,000 and knowing you’re now ready for $1,000,000 in the next 12-18 months?

That’s what’s possible for you when you enroll and the sooner you commit to your bigger future, the sooner it’s yours.

Just know that these gifts are only available until September 18th. After that, they’re gone, OK?

So, let’s have you at least explore if now is the right time for you to enroll in CABS by having you speak to one of our caring Strategy Coaches now.

This link is where you can schedule your free no-obligation Strategy Call now.

And if it’s not the right time or the right fit, no biggie! You’ll still get big value from your Strategy Call. But you won’t know til you speak with one of them…

This is about gifting yourself what is required for growth.

Thanks so much for reading and dreaming about your future with me. (You rock too.) xo

You can do this,

P.S. You know, all it takes for you to shift your future is a Strategy Call with one of our caring Strategy Coaches. Just that one conversation and a decision, made in faith, has the power to change the course of your life for the better. This link will take you to watch my new video about why this process works so well, and to schedule your complimentary Strategy Call.

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