A new awesome way to close the sale

Do I have permission to be super honest with you for a minute, even if it sounds a bit critical of my industry?

Here goes:

I do not like (I sometimes even despise) the way that sales is being taught in the marketplace.

So many people are so ugly and manipulative in their ways of closing the sale. (Ugh, yuck, blech!!!!)

My spiritual beliefs are rooted in abundance, love and integrity, and by nature, I see every single person as divine and worthy.

So when I see amazing business owners, with so much potential for greatness, stop themselves by dodging the “money conversation” or avoiding sales because of the high “ickiness” factor in which they are taught to sell, I get it!

If this is you, and you don’t like sales (at all), or if you’re someone who wants to get better at it and get more clients, watch this:

Listen, I don’t want to pressure people either. In fact, I almost got fired when selling was my J.O.B. (more on this in today’s video), because I simply couldn’t do it the way I’d been trained.

It was too inauthentic. My previous sales training had made me hate the process, and I would freeze.

But the good news is that there is a different way to close the sale.
It’s a method and process that I’ve been honing and shaping for the better part of the last 20 years. It’s based on authenticity, integrity and love, and…it works.

It honors you as the person offering a solution, and it deeply honors the prospective client or customer.

It’s a sacred process that is beautiful and it doesn’t involve actually selling.

Because when you’ve got the right systems, skills and mindset in place…this sales method allows you to close the sale with your ideal prospects as much as 90% of the time.

Now, obviously sales is a BIG topic, so I’m going to be dedicating the next few weeks to making the case that you CAN fall in love with the entire “closing of the sale” process.

(It’s no accident that people who love sales are good at sales.)

For today, though, I want to challenge you to do something that most business owners avoid…

Set specific, tangible sales goals. What’s your monthly nut?

I walk you through some ways to think about this in the video, so make sure to watch it, ok?

And then know that there’s a lot more headed your way in the coming weeks, so you, too, can make that goal a reality, get more clients and make more money, in an authentic way.

Yes. You, with more clients. More sales. More money. Feeling good about it.
Can’t wait to see the new you,


P.S. Here’s why I hope that you’re as intrigued about this as I am:

Learning how to effectively and authentically close the sale is the only guaranteed strategy to making more money in your business, and making more money in your business is the only way to design the business that you dream of – it’s the path to the team, the clients, the reach and the impact you are capable of.

And I promise: you can learn to sell in a way you’ll love. You’ll see.

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