A love letter to you, on this special day

Fabienne's Love NoteThis (very) personal note was not something I expected to write you today, and at the risk of sounding overly emotional or sentimental, I will admit to you that my eyes are welled up in tears as I write this. Today, this special day, is one that means the world to me…


1.the power or right to act, speak, [do business] or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Today happens to be the day that most people celebrate as Independence Day in the US. Yes, it’s meant to mark the holiday in the United States commemorating the declaration of independence from the United Kingdom. And yes, there are the requisite barbeques, fireworks and the red, white and blue everywhere (you should actually see how my house is decorated, inside and out! I’ll post pictures today on Facebook, for you to see…)

But for me this is a very personal holiday, one that brings tears to my eyes because it’s so meaningful.

You see, back in 1999, the week of the 4th of July was when I walked away from Corporate America for good, from collecting a paycheck from someone else, from doing mindless things I didn’t like doing and that weren’t actually making a difference, from being someone other than who I really was and from apparent “security.”

It was the week that I took the great leap of faith, against the advice of many people who loved me and wanted the “best” for me. It was the week that I started my own business, a nutrition business out of my 300 square foot apartment in midtown Manhattan, even though I knew nothing about being self-employed.

It may have been hot and muggy that week in the city, I may have had some doubts before making my decision, but I now felt light as air, giddy from the all-encompassing sense of freedom that came from drawing a line in the sand and declaring my own independence. It felt like I’d been released from a prison sentence.

Yes, I went through some turbulent times in the beginning. Naively, I started my own business not knowing how to market or get clients. I didn’t realize that doing marketing and sales in corporate is soooooo completely different from selling yourself, and that you actually need to follow a proven system. And yes, I felt lost, without a plan, and I had to figure out my own Client Attraction System without anyone’s help. Yes, I went about it through blood, sweat and tears. Sadly, The Client Attraction Business School™ didn’t exist back then…

But through hell and high water, alone and clueless, I made it. Yes, the gamble and the sleepless nights paid off after all. And you know what?

I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Yes, entrepreneurship IS a full contact sport. Yes, it’s not for the faint at heart.

It’s for people with a big heart, a big vision and for those who want to make a difference and who are willing to do whatever it takes.

Entrepreneurship is a private club that I am incredibly proud to belong to, one that I will never, ever leave.

Why? Because…

I realize now that I’m completely unemployable (and unapologetic about it.)

I am a passionate rebel who is proud to shake up the status quo and be of service to other entrepreneurs around the world, with all the gifts that were divinely given to me.

And because I get to change lives every day, and no amount of “security” from an outside job could ever give me that feeling of being here on purpose, for a purpose, with a purpose.

I am proud, immensely proud, to call myself an entrepreneur, because I know in every cell of my body that entrepreneurs are some of the most courageous people on the planet, with the biggest hearts, the most determination and ultimately, are the ones who change the world.

And that means you too.

Whether or not we’ve ever met in person, please know that I champion you, I respect you, I admire you for bucking the status quo and doing your own thing, and I love you from afar.

Wherever you may be in the world, and whatever your own “independence day” was from working for someone else, even if that day is still ahead of you – TODAY, I celebrate your courage, your passion and your stick-to-it-ness.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Here’s to our freedom…

With love (and wiping tears from my cheeks),

p.s. Would you please take a moment to add a comment below? I’d like to hear from you about this. 1) Tell me what it means to YOU to be an entrepreneur, and 2) Why did you start your own business? I started my own business because I wanted to be free and to make a bigger difference in people’s lives than what I was doing in corporate. What about you? (I’d love to know!)

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Comments 59

  1. My love, I am so proud of you and you sharing this special occasion with our community. Because of you, so much has been possible for us and our family – and the thousands and thousands of those you inspire each and every day…

    1. Congratulations! Very loving thoughts. Proud for all you have & continue to do. Enjoy the holiday. You are am inspiration & “have come a long way baby” or is “lady” a better term?

      Best always,

    2. The five languages of love: Words of appreciation. Fabienne and Derek, you keep us inspired :)

    3. The love you and Fabienne Share is truly admirable and beautiful!! Thanks for being so great Derek!! you both are amazing!! happy 4th of july to you and your family and I’ll see you soon at YOUR amazing 3 day training!! yay! can’t wait! love and blessing, Kellie Grill :)

  2. Thank you Fabienne for encouraging so many others to follow your path. By watching you I have faith that I can also build my own business and create a great income for my husband and I. I will see you in Atlanta on July 14th! Happy 4th of July! Here is to being independent!!

  3. Thank you for sharing Fabienne! I became an entrepreneur and business owner to have more control over my time to take care of my family. That often means putting in a lot more hours than a 9 to 5 but I wouldn’t/ couldn’t go back to working for someone else. Looking forward to learning from you how to do what I love more efficiently! See you in Reston! Happy 4th! Luanne Lee, Your College Planning Coach

  4. Being an entrepreneur means freedom to do what I am passionate about – on my terms, with the most authenticity. I started my own business initially because I needed flexible hours to care for my son (who has autism) and my father (who has Alzheimer’s). What I didn’t realize at the time, though, that I was tapping into a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. The seed was there; I had not fully realized it until I became an entrepreneur. Now, I wouldn’t go back for all the money in the world.

    Thank you, Fabienne, for sharing this wonderful post. I am proud to be part of the CABS community and honored to have you as my mentor. Happy 4th to you, Derek and the kids. =) Hugs.

  5. Beautiful Fabienne – you vulnerability and incredibly big heart is a gift to us all. Happy Independence Day – wishing you and yours a blessed day!

  6. Fabienne and Derek, I am proud, immensely proud, to call myself an
    entrepreneur too. It is true, investing in you guys has allowed my team
    to grow our business at warp speeds over the last few months (we’ve
    recouped our investment back since MYM in Atlanta — woo hoo). However,
    that is NOT why WE had that “magic moment” in Stamford that you often
    refer to when we’re in each others space Fabienne. The reason OUR magic
    moment happened was because like you, I needed to let ME love ME at
    unearthly levels and I wasn’t able to do it by my lonesome. In TOTAL
    transparency, your community (from CABS students, to MYM goers, to
    mini-tour attendees) has changed the way I look at life, love, and the
    pursuit of happiness — which is what the July 4th is ALL about. So, as
    we part ways until I see your team’s smiling faces again in Stamford on
    July 11th, I just wanted to publicly praise you and Derek for being TRUE
    innovators for change, as well as say “Thank you, thank you, thank you”
    for making my life, dreams, and relationships mean more today than they
    ever have in my 37 years on planet Earth — thanks for being awesome…. thanks for being you! :)

    1. this message is AWESOME John!! :) thanks for sharing it with us all and thanks for your love and praise of Fabienne and Derek!! You say things so well and I love you, Kell :)

      1. Just being me Kell :) I once had somebody ask me if I could be any more positive (absurd, I know…..). However, after meeting you, I realize I’ve got lots of work to do — love you to girly!!!

  7. Independence Day certainly takes on a different meaning for me, as an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur means I get to create a life with no limits. It’s the ultimate freedom. I started my own business so that I could have the freedom to not only create the life of my dreams, but to also have the freedom to take the time for myself or my family whenever I needed to be present.

  8. Thank you, Fabienne and Derek, for being champions for entrepreneurs – your unflagging encouragement (not to mention awesome strategies and tools) have changed SO many lives for the better, including mine. Thank you for your courage, your persistence, your authenticity, and your love.

  9. Thanks so much for this love letter, Fabienne!

    I recently resigned from my 20-year career as a nurse midwife – what many
    consider my only source of “secure” income – to help people find and live their purpose.

    Like you, I had to field so many doubts and fears from the people who love me and want the best for me, but don’t understand the life of an entrepreneur.

    At the heart of all of these questions is a desire to know everything
    will be all right. But who has that kind of knowledge? Anything we feel we know comes from choosing to believe a thought, right?

    Sure, it’s easier to believe in something that many, many people
    believe – like work 40 hours a week for someone else and you’re being
    financially responsible – but that belief is not guaranteed to help you
    feel happy and satisfied with your life. And isn’t that what we all really want?

    Over the last 20+ years I’ve given a lot of thought to what it means to be truly happy and satisfied in your life, and Frederick Buechner said it best when he said that vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.

    I’m so grateful to you for shining a light on the path of what it means to do just that! You inspire me to do the same, and give me the courage (and ability!) to shine the light for others!

    With great love to you and the Client Attraction Family,

  10. So beautiful and eloquent as are you!!!…I came from a family of entrepreneurs and when I was babysitting at 13, I announced that someday I would have my own company. I never gave up on that dream. I enjoy the freedom of being my own boss, creating the rules and making a difference in my community.

  11. Thank you? Fabienne, for this beautiful love letter. You have been a mentor to me for 4 years now – and I thank you! Despite enormous odds and enormous pressure, I am inspired by you – and by the love of the women I serve.

  12. Nothing is more important than freedom. It allows for the fullest expression of the individual and a deeply fulfilling life. Thank you Fabienne for making freedom to work how we want, where we want, and with whom we want a reality for this community by your leadership, example and teachings. Let those who drink the water honor those who dug the well.

  13. Beautiful Fabienne! July 4th reminds me that I have the freedom of choice which I lost for so many years from my own self- imposed limitations. Once I discovered the beauty of the soul within me, I was inspired to step onto the path that I was meant to travel. I am just a messenger here sometimes sharing words that are not even my own but end up within me. Women are infinitely more powerful that they believe. They have a divine power within them that has always been there.Your magnificent work is inspiring them to step up and claim their power and to become better contributors to the Universe!
    Bless you for what you do,

  14. I’m remembering the moment I I chose NOT go get my masters in Physical therapy and begin my destiny more than 20 years ago after leaving my YMCA career. My mentor then said “You will be unhappy being TOLD how to treat people, what you can do and what you can NOT do by the insurance companies as a PT.” He continued to say ~ “go to massage school so you can do what you are so good at supporting those on and off a treatment table.” His words rang the bell of freedom and your support and wisdom has allowed my path to unfold before me!! Both have given me the Freedom to work with people supporting them the way my inner wisdom guides me ~ not by the ideals of some corporation’s mission that is not my own or a health care system that often (not always) is less than supportive of true health.
    A wonderfully wise and passionate post on a day when so many have fought for all our freedoms just as you fight for the entrepreneur’s freedom!!! Happy Freedom Day!

  15. Hi Fabienne, thank you for your great love letter on this special day. I became an entrepreneur to use all my gifts and talents to help inspire and motivate women to discover and fulfil their own divine purpose and destiny. Like you I want to make a huge different in people’s lives especially women, no matter their background. I want the life that I live to impact as many as possible for them to be all that they were created to be.

    Being an entrepreneur allows me the freedom to do that, and I thank God that I found you a month ago, I love what you are teaching and hope to continue my connection with you as I grow my business to impact more women’s lives, especially in the new charity that I have started.

    God bless you

  16. It’s notes like this that keep me going! I love my freedom to choose! I love that I can do what I want and be what I want. And yes I would not change that in a New York minute!

  17. Fabienne,
    Your beauty and your heart SHINE so brightly in this LOVE LETTER and ALWAYS!!! I truly just LOVE and ADORE you and Derek!!
    I think you both are amazing inspiring examples of how pursuing your destiny and being an entrepreneur is EXACTLY what God intends for us to do.
    Therefore, we can make a HUGE impact and difference in this world and we can “share our brownies” in a much bigger and more meaningful way.
    THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM of my heart for your love, your honesty, your insights, and your generosity in teaching us all how to honor and love ourselves enough to do what we were put here on this earth to do!! :)
    I’m so thankful to the Lord that I was lead to you and Derek and your amazing CLIENT ATTRACTION BUSINESS SCHOOL! :) (Thanks to my friend and yours–Sandra Yancey for having you at EWN Dallas Conference that year) :) yay!
    You both are angels on earth doing God’s work and I so appreciate it! I’m honored to be among all of the amazing wonderful heart-centered people that you attract into your Client Attraction Company and I’m so excited for what the future holds for ALL of us!! WOO-HOO!!! :)
    I’m so thankful to be FREE in every sense of the word–in our beautiful country the good old USA– FREE to do as I please and pursue my life’s purpose in my career as an entrepreneur—and FREE to choose to believe in and worship a God who loves me and is so immensely good to me in everything.
    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible FREEDOM (and LOVE) I receive my incredible supportive and loving husband Dave Grill or “THE DAVE” as our kids and their friends so lovingly and respectfully call him!! :)
    He is my rock and my biggest fan!! He has picked me up battered and bruised as I’ve fought and climbed and fallen and gotten back up while being an entrepreneur these past 9 years as we started our first publishing company back in 2005 when we released our first book. He has believed in me when sometimes I found it hard to believe in myself and he has LOVED me unconditionally through it all –the ups and the downs of running these businesses of ours.
    He is the best man on earth (sorry Derek) HA! :) and as many tears run down my cheeks as I type this I realize that my dreams are all coming true because he knows that I am meant to do this, and he will never ever ever give up on me!! One day soon you will all meet him and you’ll know why I just had to say THANK YOU to Dave Grill as he gives me the FREEDOM to be ME and to Dream BIGGER than Big!!
    Thanks again Fabienne and Derek!! This love letter to us is wonderful and so thought provoking and you both are WONDERFUL!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AND YOUR FAMILY!! :)
    love and many many blessings to you and your family and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! yay! Bring on the fireworks and the fun!! :)
    Kellie Grill :)

  18. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing inspiring words with us. You’ve brought so much to my life in an incredibly short period of time. Because of you, I’ve given myself permission…to enjoy time with my son, love myself to a higher level (as John G said my clients need to do, I do as well), give myself a break but most importantly to not only dream bigger, but to turn those dreams into reality, which is changing and will continue to change the lives of millions of single moms. You’ll allowed me to walk in my purpose, unapologetically, and to keep believing and knowing I’m here for a much, much bigger purpose. Faith not fear! Thank you for being exactly who you are, but it inspires us all to be authentically ourselves, which is the best gift of all!

  19. My big leap of faith was 16th December 2013, so I feel you on the ‘leap’ thing. I was tired of the politics and feeling of being trapped. My dream has always to make things better than I found them. I am at my happiest when I see another person discover that they can be more than they thought they were. It is in helping people overcome their doubts and inspiring them to doing what is right that drives me.

    Have I had scary moments? Oh yes I have. Sometimes a small voice checks in to remind me I made a dumb move. Other times its the loud noises from people who I thought were close to me. But I shall keep at it…

  20. Fabienne, thank you so much for sharing. I declared my independence 3 years ago and started my own business after having been laid off 3 times in 6 years. I was so tired of being treated as an expendable position instead of a person. Walking away from the corporate world and having my own business was the best decision I ever made for myself and my family.
    Happy Independence Day indeed!

    Angela Price

    P.S. I am so looking forward to meeting you at the Mindset Retreat in September!

  21. This is a very special message. Thank you for this. It is an Independence Day on a personal level. To be an entrepreneur is to see a hurt, a need, and know that God gave you a very special gift to right the course and be a greater blessing to others. This is why I do what I do and started VBA Design. To design a better experience for others so that they are able to live life to the fullest in buildings that they love and that love them back!

  22. Thank you for inspiring and personal letter.

    I’m just looking for their own way, in which you can honestly give something of value. I love to watch and listen as you say. (soon you start to understand;-) It gives me strength to follow this course-because it is worth. Still using the google translator. How good it is! Greetings from Polish.

  23. Fabienne, thank you so very much for sharing this part of your story. As always you have a way of showing that being vulnerable is an amazing strength. I truly believe that you have created something even bigger than a business school – you have created a community and this is such a big blessing for those of us who started this journey and felt so very alone.
    To Our Independence, success and passion. Blessings!

  24. I love this!! I was thinking about freedom today. It’s interesting to me because I never really belonged to corporate. I have worked a few odd jobs here and there all connected to customer service and sales but I couldn’t stay much longer than 6 months. I got bored, I felt stifled. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart but I didn’t realize it until I was with a guy that was passionately pursuing a dream of being a dancer. He inspired me with his NO MATTER WHAT approach. He didn’t care what people think. He’d live a life that was unstable in pursuit of the ultimate desire. He got me thinking about what else I wanted to do with life because getting married and having children was not happening. He gave me inspiration to find something to live for outside of creating a family. Being an entrepreneur means I am receiving based on what I am giving. I gain freedom to fully be myself and LIVE. I started my business as something to do, I continued to pursue my business for someone I wanted to BE™ (lol- you can quote me on that) I want to change the world and REALLY shift the paradigm of how we look at it. <3 :)

  25. Fabienne- your constant sharing from the head and heart opens us all up! I, too, left the corporate world so I could better serve those in corporate. It has been my greatest freedom. All the hardwork, effort, and love that goes into my business is all so I can do brilliant work for others. With you by my side it is all so possible. Happy 4th.

  26. What an inspiring letter! I was forced to get out on my own after a restructuring of the way my employer did business. At first I wasn’t sure what I would do. The job market in 2010 was challenging — searching for work while recovering from my first breast cancer diagnosis and treatment was even more challenging. Out of necessity I started freelancing and found what I love best to do! I adore the freedom of owning my own business – from the flexibility of choosing my own hours to choosing my clients. Thank you, Fabienne!

  27. Fabienne, you’re so awesome! I love how candid you are and you have this amazing gift and share it with all of us.

    Being a “soulpreneur” for me means supporting others with changing their lives, and in turn MY entire life is changed. I was born for this.. I’ve known since I was 7 years old (selling my artwork to the neighbors) that I was MEANT for this! <3

  28. Fabienne, thank you for your words of inspiration! I too felt my corporate job was mindless and shallow. We all had to behave and dress a certain way…we couldn’t be our authentic selves! The FREEDOM I felt when I left was exhilarating! I love my freedom, to be who I truly am and to be able help others love themselves and live their dreams! Its all love and happiness! with gratitude and love, Brenda

  29. Freedom is the opportunity to change the circumstances of your life through your own effort, to force the hand of history rather than to remain forever enslaved by it. Now is the time for all good men to come to. Men of good will are inclined to take freedom for granted. They believe that freedom, like the sun, will rise every morning. History has proved that it can be blacked out for decades. Tom Paine said: “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” I have been blessed with meeting many people who exemplified their quest for freedom from the man who taught me how to play chess, Bernie Lustig, who fled his native Austria when the Nazis invaded, came to Stamford not speaking a word of English, becoming head of research for Clairol, to Jackie Robinson who lectured us at Murphy Elementary and gave us 2 thing to remember; 1) Don’t complain, Branch Rickey wrote that into all of his Major League contracts and 2) There is no discrimination against excellence. It did not matter what our race, ethnic origin, religion or anything else, To Dr. Edward Rozek, my major professor at the University of Colorado. Dr. Rozek fled his native Poland when the Nazis invaded, joined the Free Polish 1st Armored, captured in the defense of Paris,m thrown into a slave labor camp, escaped to England, fought in the Normandy invasion and joined up with General George Patton. After being blinded by an anti tank mine, he recovered his sight and left for the US to enter Harvard. Working his way through Harvard on a dairy farm and gas station, he earned a BA, MA and PhD. He went on to teach comparative governments at the University of Colorado for 40 years, becoming a world renown expert on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. While under his mentoring, he produced many papers and ideas to bring down the Iron Curtain without firing a shot. After Reagan was elected to the presidency, Rozek was selected to be on Reagan’s transition team. His mission was to develop a plan to bring down the Soviet Union. The free world woke up on November 9, 1989 to see the falling of the Berlin Wall, and the symbolic fall of the Iron Curtain.

  30. Thank you soooo much for being transparent in your messages! Reading this reminded me that being an unemployable rebel is not a hindrance, but a benefit that I can use to be a part of the healing of the economy and the world. What a special place entrepreneurs hold in maintaining and leading the call for freedom on this Independence Day!

  31. Thank you for this post. Grateful it landed in my inbox and that I opened and read it. Words of inspiration to me, still in my corporate job as a pharmacist, creating my pipeline to freedom, falling down on my own dream sometimes. Encouragment like this keeps my dream of having a thriving Health Coaching practise alive.
    To freedom to be who we want to be! Namaste.

  32. I also left corporate to follow my passion and become the entrepreuner I knew I could be. I am also feeling the spirit of independence very strongly today, and appreciate your reinforcement – some share it, others do not. Perhaps the resistance helps us hold our position more firmly! Thank you for the reminder of our history, and encouragement to persevere, following our own dreams and convictions!

  33. Fabienne, now I’m wiping the tears off of my cheeks. You write eloquently and truthfully of this journey called entrepreneurship. So glad to have known you on this journey for over a decade now. To MORE love, more joy, more creativity! :)

  34. I’ve been an entrepreneur, on some level, and with varying degrees of success, since college. And, surviving personal life challenges (including divorce) and economic changes (most recently, the great recession), have brought many times when I didn’t believe I could really survive. But I did, because there was no place to turn and no alternative but to make it! Now I help other women to find the hidden opportunity in life’s darkest corners. And, I’m so grateful to Fabienne, and what I’ve already been blessed to learn and implement through attending Monetize Your Message. Can’t wait for the Mindset Retreat! Thank you, Fabienne — sending lots of love and appreciation!

  35. Due to the recession, like so many other countless of people, I was forced to retire approximately 3 years ago. I was employed as a professional legal secretary for 20 years at one of the top corporate law firms in the nation and have been unable to land a job ever since. I don’t collect unemployment since it ended for me and am surviving on child support and God’s grace. Having read your letter is inspiring but I am lost. I am 50 now and although I look quite young, my work experience of over 20 years doesn’t seem to impress the corporate world. I wish I knew how to pick myself back up again. I congratulate you on your success.

  36. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and wisdom Fabienne. Yes, it is hard to be in business for yourself, but what freedom to chose to be on purpose and live your life outloud with passion. Have a great Independence’s Day, wishing you much love, happiness and success.

  37. Your regular comment app/co. is not working, so I’ll write you here.
    Good 4 U!, every eye in America should B tearing today..especially
    those of the communistUSA group from the beltway to Wall St. & those
    all in between, trying to take this nation down. But to start morning
    their own demise. They are on self destruct now & love seeing it. I
    think & pray 4 all of us from now to the founding of our country,
    that grew this to God & country. I spent a lot of time in the Navy,
    became Mental Health Dr. in their. First step to self directing. If I failed a test, U don’t get college make-up exams. U get hurt very bad
    or die! I knew it before I went in and wanted practical stuff, not
    stolen college material. See collage lets us doers think it up,
    test/perfect/etc. then they write the books about what you
    did/do/invented & and sell it, the college courses, to those that go
    their-and pass it off as their ideas! Small outline here. Today I mourn
    the 3 of us Vietnam vets from Stamford that fought in combat there.
    [yes I live in Stamford]. We all fought in North Vietnam. A lot more I
    cannot say, I had my 1st. security clearance @ 16 yrs. old, my 1st TV
    appearance @ 13, 1st. radio show @ 14yrs. I 2 tried corp. work. Had
    great boss/mentors who all told me I should be on my own, not confined
    by corporate life. I did & and in the same place where the MDs
    brought me in 37 yrs. ago [Mike Pavia’s building, where he is, in
    Springdale]. [I’m a PsD], Dr.-behavioral medicine. I did very well,
    well, known, Who’s Who many years, and top 200 in their world ranking of
    important people. My own radio shows, cable show, frequent guest, etc.,
    etc., My marketing WAS good. NOT now! Newspapers are dead, so is phone
    book, most all print media, radio stations sold/community closed down,
    even the cable show, most highly rated show on Cablevision [hope the
    Dolan Bros. huge NYC party doesn’t get rained out today], I was a
    frequent guest, & their mental health expert, WSTC , WNLK, WICC
    radio as well. [this is where you come in]. I got it, or had it. None of
    it works now. Low patient count. People want to go on Med. Our area has
    an average wait time of approx. a month 2 C a psychiatrist 4 a 10 min.
    visit 4 a prescription. I’m not doing as much, not as young, healthy,
    got ill and lost lot of weight, limp now from a dropped foot, referrals
    are few. Hospital & some MDs still call asking if I’m working or
    retired, have people to send, but they never come!. I’m a good closer
    too. taught that, boiler room phone talk/close/train 4 a bit-regional
    manager 4 Montgomery Ward. Never afraid to ask 4 referrals or speak up.
    I’m a terror @ public speaking. Love it,even bring my own wireless mike
    & engage the audience, & never made/take/read from notes @ my
    lectures. Throw anything you want at me. We never even chose a topic for
    the shows. Always phone-in shows. Better be able to produce-on he spot,
    the callers demand it, and I never allowed a call-screners..
    Nominated/elected lecturing member of New York Academy of Science. Now
    I’m slow, daughter grown, divorced many years. She is in Bethel, comes
    by on occasion, so I’m here alone, too inactive, think, pray, worry too
    much, and really upset that for the 1st time in my life I can’t solve
    this slow problem, and understand why so much has changed as to why
    clients don’t come in. Should be the opposite, with all the fear,
    stress, anxiety, etc. out there. I fix others fine, 4 37 yrs. Most say
    out of all the Drs I’ve seen, none ever helped me like Dr. Penachio,
    & that includes phone sessions throughout the USA. All my marketing
    is down the drain, need today’s stuff I guess. For a long time did not
    need more, lived on my bold rep. And you are correct in us 2% ers are a
    very rare breed. Only know a few good thinkers. You should here Don
    Trump talk about this, he’s one. He came otta digging in trenches with
    other labors. See we THINK. We use our brains,not like most. Yes there
    is none like us. We are a rare breed. Remember that in now the top 9
    companies began with high-school & college dropouts! They are
    consulted by the bigtime CEOs, etc. Most are our neighbors as you know,
    he commuters to the city each day. Don’t want to go there-too many white
    collar criminals, new money here, sorry 3rd generation Stamfordite. so
    I’m stuck, but I got the track record and guts Now I just stay local,
    hate to travel, long story, corp. work fly all the time, been around the
    world about 3 times, older too…we need to talk/ work….tnx, God
    bless, Dr. P. hypnosisICT.com, 203-327-3160…later.

  38. Fabienne , I almost deleted your e-mail without reading but Im glad I read it ! I did your first course in the CA school and the CA challenge and was blown away by the support I got from the private FB group but dissappointed by the support I got from you and your team . I sincerley hope you dont delete this as not suitable to post as I believe we all have something to learn from the experience . It was a really big deal financially for me to invest on the first step of CA school . But I had followed your work and bloggs for months and felt it what I needed . But I was wrong ! Which was NOT your fault ! It was my own ! I Wasent yet ready ! I I was a very successful photographer for over 25 years and wanted more than anything to go into life and business coaching – You are WONDERFUL as a business coach and doing what you say you will do for people – help them attract clients ! I needed to do a COACHING course first !!!! I kNOW I have something big to offer the world and Ive been in my own way for over 4 years or so – I wanted desperatly to have you coach me as Im so like you in many ways ( cry baby at least thing for one !!!) I joined the challenge – I also put up some vids up which the group graciousaly responded to but you didnt ! It was heartbreaking not to get a responce from you as you are so warm and lovable but what I need to realise is you are that to millions around the world !!! So how should you be able to find me inyour system ! As , it is no matter what – a business so when emotion comes into it it can be upsetting when its not responded to ! Anyway , Im a cancer survivor of 10 years and a week ago I discovered it has returned in my back on a few vertebrae . Ten years ago I got cancer during a huge change in my life and now its back to kick my ass into action to get going in what I was sent here to do ! Im a lover not a fighter so I know as I write this the misunderstood cancer cells in my back are disolving – They have done what they came to do and there is no need for them to stay . One of my goals ( along with meeting Oprah and Richard Branson!!! ) is to attend one of ypur mindset retreats . And although Ive been cross with the lack of
    Personal communication from such a warm cuddly person , I understand it !! You have thousands to respond to while Ive only a few !!! Let this be my ACTION on my fear to respond with huge love that I still believe I will get to meet you and work with you .A So I sincerely hope I get a responce – Im praying that I do so I know you truly are listening and caring about us out here !! Lots of hugs and love to you and your beautiful family and God Bless x

    1. Nida – we’re sorry to hear about your experience with one of your programs. We strive for excellence in all areas of our business with the thousands of clients who work in our various courses and programs.

      We hope we have the chance to serve you again in the future when the time is right.

      1. Oh Derek , As I said In My long winded response lt was ME who chose wrong at the time! I’m certain we will work together soon!’ Thank you so much for your kind response. It Means so much . Lots of Love hugs& blessings!Nida Hug!

  39. Thank you so much Fabienne for this love letter and sharing this special occasion. You are truely a great inspiration and support for all who want to succeed in Life. Off course I am dreaming big to be an entrepreneur to free myself and take a bigger and bolder step in life.

    Though I am very far away from your country but I keep my hopes alive to meet you personally some day

    Good Luck &
    Best Wishes always

  40. Fabienne, thank you so much for sharing, and sending you so much love back. Yours and Derek’s generosity are so inspiring! The community you have created for us brave entrepreneurs is giving me the support and discipline to finally DO what I’ve been saying I want to do, SHARE my gifts with so many more than I have been, and LOVE without inhibition. Sending a huge hug this holiday weekend! Looking forward to seeing you again–soon, in Chicago! xoxo

  41. Brilliant reminder about the so called “security” of a J.O.B which sucks the life force right out of you and which is actually not secure at all!!! you are a beautiful person Fabienne – Blessings from Oz – Terri xxx

  42. Your letter inspired me on many levels, as you so eloquently described the entrepreneurial life. I particularly like this line: “It’s for people with a big heart, a big vision and for those who want to make a difference and who are willing to do whatever it takes.”

    I have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, a choice I made for two reasons: 1) To bring my visionary skills and gifts to the world and honor my authenticity. 2) To “be there” for my children as a single mother, working the flexible hours I needed to be a full presence in their lives.

    And now I find myself “risking it all” again to pursue “a calling” that came to me in the middle of the night: http://www.supportmatters.com/the-bravest-thing-ive-ever-done.

    This time I would like a team of like-minded, heart-centered others behind me, for this is the biggest leap of my life. Your letter reminded me to celebrate the courage and passion of this dream. Thank you. Blessings, Gail

  43. Fabienne, you are a blessing to these generation! By the way, happy Independence day, but I celebrate more of YOUR independence from collecting paycheck from any where.

    The world waits for people to provide her needs, then here I come.Entrepreneurship means to me Doing what I enjoy doing most, more joyful than doing what you are told to do-burning up doing somebody’s dream.

    I started my own business because I want to do something that gives me joy.
    Love you too Fabienne, big hugs to you.

  44. Thank you for sharing from the depths of your heart Fabienne, balanced within such a professional framework. I honor all your sentiment. Very inspiring & healing to read. I walked away from the so called security of my 2nd job after doing your Client Attraction Challenge earlier this year. Making peace with my being ‘different’ has been a key ingredient in taking my gifts & calling more sincerely which turns out to have a positive effect in serving the good & grace of my clients & and making a positive ‘difference’ in their lives. I am an entrepreneur at heart (even if unpolished as yet) whether I have the consolidation of skills in place or not, which means when I am failing (not responding effectively to inhibited flow) or deluding myself into thinking I need to buy back into the old industrial/corporate employee model, something within & around me does not let me go backwards. It’s grow in the new way or die! It’s feel the fear & break through anyway! It’s evolution! Because of the positive feedback from clients I couldn’t turn away from this service if I tried. It’s always evolving & I am always learning new empowering ways to grow & serve my clients to do the same. What an amazing wonderful journey.

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