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The Seven-Figure Mindset

The mindset of a seven-figure business owner is completely different than the mindset of a five or six-figure business owner. In fact, I am writing an entire book about this, which will be available soon, called The Leverage Mindset: How Overwhelmed 6-Figure Business Owners Reach 7 Figures (And Gain Their Life Back).

It’s not a how-to business book as much as a psychology of success book. It teaches how you need to think differently to add another zero to your business revenues.

Hint: it’s about how you show up differently in your business. How you set different boundaries. How you use your time differently. How you use your marketing differently. How you get supported differently by a team. How you set up your business models differently.

It’s about the willingness and the sheer commitment to continually gain new knowledge. You see, continuous learning is incredibly powerful. It keeps your mindset SHARP.

Napoleon Hill wrote, “The relentless willingness to continually improve and get specialized knowledge is one of the most important things that all highly successful people possess.”

He vehemently believed that continued education and training must be consistently sought after.

“You’re never done learning,” he emphasized.

Successful people, in all industries, in all countries, male or female, never stop acquiring specialized knowledge related to their personal and professional growth. Those who are not successful in life usually make the mistake of believing that the learning period ends when they are finished with school.

Most successful and wealthy people, however, are voracious learners; they never stop learning and challenging their mindsets.

They keep training, because otherwise, they lose traction. They learn from the best. They actively seek out those who have already mastered what they want to learn, and they make it their number one priority to learn everything from them, especially if the masterful person is living a life that they aspire to live.

The most successful and wealthiest people surround themselves with talented friends and colleagues, continually “sharpening the saw.” They never rest on their laurels, understanding that the training never stops.

This is a key factor in what has made them so successful. This is the mindset of a 7-figure business owner.

One of the things that I’ve witnessed in all these years of working with thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs is that a lot of people in business are continually frustrated.

They work really, really hard, they THINK they’re doing all the right things, and then they wonder why they’re not making more progress in their business.

They’ve plateau-ed and, despite their best intentions, they don’t know how to move out of that stuck place.

They tell me that they come up against the same glass ceiling and that no matter what they do, they never break through.

Others tell me they know they’re getting in their own way, but don’t know why or what to do about it.

They’re not advancing as fast as their peers, and so they either begin thinking that something’s wrong with them, or that they’re not meant to experience abundance, so they want to give up.

Some even feel so overwhelmed that they go into a state of inaction.

(Maybe you know a little about that? That was me too many years ago.)

What I didn’t know back then is that getting to the next level doesn’t require struggle, not even close.

The door you are desperately banging on, begging and pleading to open, is actually unlocked. It’s already OPEN! You can step through the door to your next level of abundance anytime you want, as soon as you shift and upgrade your existing mindset.

You can begin playing a bigger game RIGHT NOW. You will make more money and greatly increase the quality of life for yourself and for your family.

This is what happened to me when I began shifting my mindset toward abundance, when I got past my own obstacles, and took massive action in my life, allowing myself to play a much bigger game. And it’s how I’ve watched it play out for hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years.

Mindset comes first. Then strategy. Then results. Without fail.


If you want to shift your mindset to your business’ advantage (and not only, to your whole life), but you don’t know where to start: don’t worry. I’m here to help.

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