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4 ways to turn yearly income into monthly revenue

Is it really possible to turn yearly income into monthly revenues? Can you really go from 100K a year to 100K a month?

Yes to both of these questions. Years ago, I thought it was impossible, until it happened to me and so many women I know.

How do you do it? Watch this:

The key to achieving a 2x to 10x revenue increase is to increase the number of clients and customers you serve by 2x to 10x.

Sounds “logical” while overwhelming if you were to approach it the same way you’ve gotten your results up to now.

But to 10x your revenues, you have to do things differently going forward. It’s not difficult, once you understand the mechanics of it and are open to a different approach that requires two steps:

  1. Creating a business model that helps you go from one-to-one to one-to many (we’ll cover that in the near future)
  2. Increasing your marketing so that you generate many more qualified leads.

Now, before you feel pressure at the thought of adding MORE marketing to your plate, there is an important distinction you must understand.

The method requires not about doing more marketing ACTIVITIES, but about creating more marketing ASSETS.

What I mean by “marketing assets” are the lead generation tools you create that then run in the background for years to come. Once created (yes, there is work upfront), they work to generate high quality leads FOR you, instead of YOU generating new marketing activities every day.

(The concept of marketing assets is: Set It, And Forget It.)

This is the methodology we show with our members and it’s one of several ways they’re now able to generate much bigger numbers each year, working less.

And the good news is, you don’t actually have to reinvent the wheel or increase your learning curve by trying to adopt new skills you’ve never used before or becoming someone you’re not.

Instead, it’s simply about focusing on (and then LEVERAGING) what’s ALREADY working for you.

But how do you figure out what works for you in the first place?

Over the last 20 years of accompanying women to scale to 100K months or more, I’ve discovered that there are four distinct Buckets of Marketing that most people fall into, based on how comfortable you are with presenting yourself to the world. Here they are:4 pillars of marketing and turn yearly income into monthly revenue

Right now, you’re probably more comfortable doing one or two of these to generate the clients or customers you have now, and that’s what’s gotten you to 6-figures.

  1. Are you a natural “influencer”, comfortable speaking from the stage or on video, but you do this sporadically? You can harness your comfort zone within “speaking and video” and leverage it to get 10x the number of leads you’re generating now.
  2. Perhaps writing is your strong suit, but you haven’t yet capitalized on this strength? There are countless ways for you to use your strength with the written word to bring in so many more leads that will love to work with you.
  3. Are you someone who is a natural networker, but you do it sporadically or find that it takes a lot of your time to show up to one-to-one networking activities? There are many “networking assets” that you can easily create to draw your ideal clients to you, without taking up so much of your time.
  4. Are you someone who gets most of your business through word-of-mouth referrals, but it’s more of a passive approach? You can create dozens of referral marketing systems in your business that are proactive and work for you, as opposed to you just waiting for the referrals.

To get to 7-figures, your approach will require building the same one or two categories, but instead of DOING these, you will create ASSETS that work on their own to bring you qualified leads.

The key is to focus on bigger marketing activities that have a bigger reach. It’s not about generating MORE time consuming marketing activities but doing more of what already works at a higher level.

Here’s my point. This is about leveraging what already works for you, but doing it from the mindset of a 100K a month business owner, while staying true to who you are. DOING LESS, BETTER. (This is what we teach.)

By doing the upfront work now (we can help you with this, let’s chat), and then AUTOMATING the marketing, and making it EVERGREEN, you’ll be able to attract MANY more clients and customers without additional work and turn your yearly revenues into monthly ones.

Now, perhaps you like the idea, but the implementation part is the heavy/overwhelming piece.

That’s where my team and I can step in to lovingly guide you in the process of doing so.

Let’s connect over an exploratory call. We would like to hear more about your situation, help you make out a plan and show you how we can help you get to 100K months.

We offer a free exploratory session, a heart-to-heart strategy conversation that could just be the one that changes everything for the better.

Set up a time to discuss your business with one of my amazing, heart-centered coaches. Together, we’ll map out your plan to get out of the day-to-day grind of your business and have you focus on the things that matter most (one that doesn’t require you to be so involved.)

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P.S. There is no charge for this call, it’s our way of getting to know you better, and our way to provide you “results in advance”, so you can feel trust with us.

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