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10 Steps of a Compelling Sales Page

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When you reach the point where your practice is filled to capacity but you can’t make more money because you simply have no more time in the day, then you’ve got to find ways to clone yourself.  One great way to clone yourself is to share information on a passive or leveraged level. Perhaps that means creating information products or courses or teaching seminars to larger groups (as opposed to one on one.) Doing this will allow you to start really multiplying your income in your business.

The question that always comes up is how best do you sell this information? That’s where the sales letter comes in. There are some people who believe that anything can be sold with a really good sales letter. Although when I first started writing sales letters, I had no idea what I was doing. Then over time I got really good at it—and I stumbled upon a formula that works really well. I share this formula with my students of The Leveraged Business Business School but today I’m going to share the fundamentals with you so that you can start creating a sales letter that works for you to get your message out there.

Here are the ten steps you need to know:

  1. Get their attention.  You’ve got to get their attention with a bold comment or a promise.
  2. Identify their problem.  Be really clear in describing their problem.
  3. Provide the solution. Provide the solution that your readers are looking for.
  4. Present your credentials. You’ve got to earn the right to be the solution provider. If you don’t have a before and after story or if you’re not an expert, they won’t trust you—and trust is everything in marketing!
  5. Show the benefits. How will this change their life? How will it make them more money?
  6. Share social proof. Provide testimonials. What result have others received using your system, your product, your service—because they will believe testimonials even more than they believe you. You can talk until your blue in the face about the results they’ll get but the testimonials will offer more credibility.
  7. Make your offer. Remember, if you don’t make your offer, you don’t close the sale so be crystal clear with your offer.
  8. Provide a guarantee. Especially if you’re selling something online, there are a lot of shysters out there. You and I are different. We provide stuff that has high integrity, high value—not everyone is like that though. So it’s important to provide a guarantee. This is called risk reversal so all the risk is on you and they can feel comfortable taking action on your service, product or system.
  9. Inject scarcity. This is an internet marketing term that means if you make it available for a long time people will say, “You know what? Maybe I’ll buy that in six months.” No! You want them to buy today so you want to give them some juicy bonuses or deadlines to get them to buy today.
  10. Insert your Call to Action. Ask them to take action right now. That’s key!

This may seem like a lengthy process but actually it’s part of the psychology of sales. Sales is good. Sales is actually moving the prospect beyond their resistance into doing the thing that will get their life to be better and that’s by working with you.

Your Video Assignment

So now you know all the steps. It’s time to take this formula and put it to use. Write your sales letter and watch how it works for you.One more thing though—you’ve got to do this authentically. You cannot do this if you’re trying to scam someone. This is all about loving your prospects and doing things authentically. This will get you more clients and make you more money in your business but it will also help you clone, scale and leverage yourself! Good luck!

This is just one of the many best practices we dive deep into with the students of The Leveraged Business Business School, the premier training school for growth-minded entrepreneurs looking to quickly attract more clients and make more money. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit www.ClientAttractionBusinessSchool.com for more details. To speak to an enrollment advisor, send us an email at info@clientattraction.com.

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