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Boldheart Team

Meet the Boldheart Family

Each world-class member of our team has been carefully selected and trained by Fabienne to provide our members with powerful & supportive guidance for business growth, financial expansion and transformation.



Fabienne Fredrickson

For 20+ years, Fabienne Fredrickson has powerfully mentored tens of thousands of women business owners to grow, then scale their businesses, earning them tens of millions collectively each year, while increasing their time off to enjoy lives they love.

She believes (and has proven) that you can absolutely grow your business exponentially, earn more and have more freedom, doing what you love. There is a definitive way to do that as a woman in business. Her Leveraged Business methodology is based on her nearly 15 years experience in generating multiple 7 figures annually with three children at home, while taking 14 weeks of unplugged vacations each year. It is proven to work.

Fabienne’s revolutionary book, The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go From Overwhelmed at 6-Figures to 7 Figures (and Get Your Life Back) is the new definitive roadmap on how she’s done it with heart and how you can too, without sacrificing your life.

She spends her time between Paris and Provence with her wonderful husband Derek an their 3 teenagers. She is an avid cook (she uses her “leverage abilities” there too) and adores traveling. You will find her zest for life to be infectious and inspiring.


Derek Fredrickson

Derek brilliantly runs the show. He is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of the day to day operations of Boldheart, which covers business development, planning, strategy and team. Derek is an expert in business operations, team building, systems and marketing.

His down-to-earth leadership style allows him to effectively lead, manage and keep accountable a virtual team of 25+ individuals, focusing on exponential growth activities that allow the business to scale and expand, so we help more women worldwide to succeed.

When he’s not “running the show” at Boldheart, he can be found skiing in the Alps, savoring French red wine (Médoc being his favorite), listening to house music, vying for a way to play more tennis and spending time in Paris with his wife Fabienne and their three awesome kids.



Leverage Track Strategist and Mastermind Facilitator

As Strategist and Mastermind Facilitator for the Leverage Track of the Boldheart Business program, she brings her unique abilities as an insightful strategist and small group facilitator to our members committed to going from overwhelmed at 6 figures to multiple 6 figures, and eventually, to their first million using Boldheart’s proven processes to create exponential growth and freedom.

Having experienced the behind-the-scenes of many business coaching programs and masterminds, Summer says she’s never seen better systems and structures for helping entrepreneurs get predictable results than those being taught within the Boldheart Business program. This is why she is grateful to help our 6-figure entrepreneurs through Boldheart’s 8 Activators so they can predictably scale to the next level.

Last but not least is Summer’s big heart. She is a fierce advocate of nurturing relationships and making sure our members feel connected, loved, and supported to get out of their own way and create new results and impact. She is the perfect blend of strategy and heart and that’s why our members adore her.


Growth Track Strategist and Mastermind Facilitator

Clare joined Boldheart in 2016 knowing she needed outside support and guidance for her own business.

Meeting Fabienne then joining the program were pivotal steps in her own business. Being part of the program has meant her own business income has tripled and continues to grow with consistency and more ease. Her passion for the Boldheart program and following the recipe; shines through with all members.

Clare loves to travel, holidaying at least 5 times a year! She loves to run and practice yoga. She lives in Sutton Coldfield, UK, with her husband Rob and two children, Isabelle and James.



Leverage Track Strategist and Mastermind Facilitator

Nathalie joined The Boldheart Leverage track in 2019 as she was looking for a new way to grow her existing business. Since joining Boldheart she was able to systemize her business and build a solid team to support her so she can focus on other things. Her business has doubled and feast and famine are a thing of the past and she now has more time to enjoy life with her husband and business partner, her 3 kids and their 3 dogs.

Born in France, Nathalie moved to the US with her husband after graduating school to live the American dream. After 10 years in the corporate world as a top software developer in the biotech research field, they decided to move back to France and embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

When not supporting Boldheart leverage members, Nathalie runs The Membership Lab where she helps heart-centered entrepreneurs turn their expertise and influence into recurring income by helping them create and grow online programs that make their business future proof.


Boldheart Advisor

As a Boldheart Advisor since 2016, Krysti nurtures and supports our community with deep understanding, compassion, and insight. With over 20 years of experience in the personal development industry, she motivates those she connects with to overcome their self-doubt, believe more deeply in themselves and their goals, and create the life (and business) that inspires them.

Krysti is dedicated to helping our members reach their highest potential. Her inquisitive nature, attention to detail, and ability to see a bigger vision for others guides her thoughtful questions while helping them to identify and implement their next steps moving forward.

Krysti lives in Wisconsin with her husband, daughter, and four cats.



Growth Track Strategist and Mastermind Facilitator

Kendra is passionate about helping our members step into their power by cultivating a bold and courageous business mindset. Kendra joined Boldheart in 2018 when she met Fabienne in person at the Mindset Retreat and she knew she had found her tribe. She was desperate to learn how to create systems and processes in her business that would help her business grow. Within only 4 months into the program Kendra created more income in her business than she did while trying to do it on her own for 2 years.

As a mentor for Boldheart, Kendra combines her MBA education in business with her natural ability to see deeply into the other, thereby being a catalyst for the growth and expansion of others in their business. People close to Kendra describe her as warm, grounded, caring and powerful and she uses all parts of her experience and strong intuition to help the members of Boldheart achieve their business dreams.

Kendra lives right off the beautiful coast in the Gulf of Mexico with her husband, 3 children and rowdy pup Prince. She loves going to the beach as much as she can to soak up the sea water and the sun.


Boldheart Advisor

Elizabeth discovered Boldheart when one of her clients cancelled her weekly appointment. The client just had to see Fabienne in person after following her for many years; Elizabeth went too, curious about this coach. Fabienne’s message resonated with Elizabeth and she quickly joined Boldheart in 2019. She discovered that many of her solopreneur friends had also been a part of Boldheart and now had hugely successful businesses, so she knew she had made the right move. Thanks to Boldheart, Elizabeth faced her fear of visibility and with the community support launched her first program and began successfully coaching 1-1. Elizabeth feels immense gratitude for being asked to join Boldheart as an advisor. She’s worked in sales in the fashion industry for over 35 years and brings loving support focused on clients’ potential and success, nurturing and encouraging them to be curious, while trusting their instincts. You can find Elizabeth speaking gratitudes aloud while race walking throughout NYC or listening to live jazz when she’s not manifesting connections and her next adventure.
Amanda Hinman


Boldheart Strategy Coach

Amanda joined the Boldheart Business Program in 2015 when she had a desire to build her health coaching practice to empower individuals to transform their health.

As a business owner, Amanda was able to attract clients immediately to pay off her investment in Boldheart in the first two months and credits the Boldheart Business Program for her ongoing 6-figure wait list practice. She has a skill in empowering others to see and create a new normal in their life. Beyond her passion for transformation, Amanda authentically, lovingly and strategically gives those interested in working with us a clear action plan to get immediate and lasting results.

You will find her enthusiasm for helping others inspiring, her passion for your progress uplifting and her thoughtful questions insightful. She lives in Chicago with her husband Mike and 4 beautiful daughters.


Boldheart Strategy Coach

Laura is passionate about empowering women to thrive in a life and business that feels in true alignment. She believes that your business is one of your greatest mirrors and vehicles for healing, personal growth and development.

Twelve years working in the Healing Arts (eight of them building her own healing practice) has fine tuned her gifts for holding space, asking thoughtful questions, seeing patterns, and lovingly holding up a mirror to empower you in seeing yourself, your business, and your vision with greater clarity.

Laura loves to create a brave space for women to feel seen and heard, to be radically honest with themselves about what they want to create and how to burst through the obstacles they have experienced in turning their visions into reality. She believes that women stepping into their business (and themselves!) at the next highest level is how we transform the world.

When not working and creating you can find her hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains with friends and family, riding her bicycle, loving on her two dogs and two cats, or dancing up a storm to some live music!



Boldheart Facilitator / Coach

Stephanie attended an event in New York City led by Fabienne in 2017, 3 months after leaving her corporate job. She knew in her heart Fabienne would one day be her mentor. In October 2019 at Mindset Retreat, she enrolled with Boldheart.

Stephanie is a former Fortune 500 Executive who feels most lit up helping business owners leverage their intuition and joy to strategically grow their business.

Starting in Growth Track and moving up to Leverage Track, Stephanie credits Boldheart for the many “needle-movers” that have allowed her to grow her business quickly.

A powerful coach and “super attractor”, Stephanie has coached over 100 entrepreneurs in her career. Combining her unique background in global cosmetics marketing, professional sports PR and health coaching with a love for personal growth and spiritual concepts, Stephanie’s unique coaching style supports business owners in living their fullest expression, following joy and growing their income without complexity or overwhelm.  

Stephanie has worked on big brands, deals and stages but finds the most joy in the small things; like brilliant sunsets or re-creating her grandmother’s Pennsylvania Dutch recipes. 

Stephanie calls Brooklyn, NY and Lancaster, PA home; surrounded by houseplants and a growing wine collection.

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