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"When a woman makes her own money (lots of it) without sacrificing her freedom, she transforms all aspects of her life for the better."
- Fabienne Fredrickson
fabienne fredrickson
fabienne fredrickson
fabienne fredrickson
fabienne fredrickson
fabienne fredrickson
fabienne fredrickson

Meet the Founder of Boldheart

fabienne fredricksonIn 1999, Fabienne Fredrickson quit her soul-depleting corporate job to open up her first business. Yes, she got clients right away, but not enough to pay for her $1400 a month midtown Manhattan rent…

Times were lean and she floated both her business and her life on credit cards. After a few months with little traction, she made a commitment to create a solution that paid her enough so she didn’t have to go back to work for anyone else ever again.

After months of trial and error, she created a verifiable, repeatable process that she could use to keep many high-paying clients coming in; very quickly, Fabienne’s business reached 6 figures. Once others caught wind of her proven process, word of her powerful The Leveraged Business System® spread, and she began teaching her methods to thousands of other entrepreneurs.

Being at full capacity took the edge off of her cash flow issues, but with that came more problems. At full client capacity, she had no bandwidth to grow the business further. She found herself working evenings and weekends and never being able to take an unplugged vacation. She was reinvesting almost all her cashflow back into the business, not paying herself enough and wondering if being self-employed was really worth it.

She realized that what got her “here” (overwhelmed at 6 figures), could never get her “there” (7 figures, with her freedom back.)

fabienne fredrickson

Caught in the dilemma of grow-or-stay-stuck, it was clear that to experience a transformation in the growth of her business, she actually needed to get out of the day-to-day operations of her business, work less, get more help and create systems and processes that would allow her to step back. She needed to work on exponential growth activities rather than putting out fires all day; ultimately, she needed to change her business model so that her team could grow with her and she could 10X the number of clients she worked with without working 10X more.

After implementing these changes, Fabienne experienced a profound transformation, in her impact, her growth, her earnings and her freedom. In 2008, the year the world financial markets crumbled and the economy was at an all time low, Fabienne tripled her revenues from 380K a year to more than a million dollars, with two small children at home (she now has three.) She has since continued to grow her business, as well as the amount of time she takes off.

fabienne fredrickson

For the past 20+ years, as the Founder of Boldheart (formerly The Leveraged Business), Fabienne has been, and continues to be, a business mentor to tens of thousands of women business owners. Collectively, the members of The Leveraged Business Program make tens of millions each year, with a profound sense of freedom and fulfillment.

The media caught on: for three years in a row, Inc. magazine named her company one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Fabienne has also been featured in the media and on stages around the world, where she shares the strategies and mindset shifts needed to reach (and stay at) 7 figures each year with 14-16 weeks of vacation.

Fabienne’s most recent book, The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go From Overwhelmed at 6-Figures to 7 Figures (and Get Your Life Back) is the new definitive roadmap on how she’s done it with heart (with 3 children at home) and how you can too, without sacrificing your life or your relationships

fabienne fredrickson
fabienne fredrickson

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