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The transformative business coaching program for high-achieving women who lead with their mission (and heart).

Ready to grow your business exponentially?


We are Boldheart

The transformative business coaching program for high-achieving women who lead with their mission (and heart).

Ready to grow your
business exponentially?

Our Mission

Every day, in every way, we show self-employed women how to take complete control of their business, growth and revenues, while encouraging them to create a most rewarding life of freedom and fulfilment.


We “normalize” everyday women making multiple 6- and even 7-figures, without sacrificing their lives or family time.
When a woman with big ideas enters an encouraging, loving mastermind where she is championed, (and taught by) other powerful, loving women with big ideas and generous hearts, incredible things happen. She then finds her unique voice and takes bolder action, while bringing herself and her family the financial security she has always dreamed of having.

Ready to step into your greatness?

How it Works

The Boldheart Business program powerfully guides women (and a few wonderful men) to stretch beyond their current results using a combination of our 20+ year formula for success:



(so you always know what to focus on and prioritize to reach your next big goal)



(so you stop procrastinating or overthinking and proudly finish all the things you start)



entrepreneurial female friendships that boost your confidence, make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger, like you can do anything)

Could this be for you?

The Story of Boldheart


In 1999, Fabienne Fredrickson quit her soul-depleting corporate job to open up her first business.

She got clients right away, but not enough to pay for her $1400 a month midtown Manhattan rent. Times were lean and she floated both her business and her life on credit. After months of trial and error, and many dark nights of the soul, she created for herself a verifiable, repeatable process that she could use to keep the high-paying clients coming in and fill her practice to full capacity. Very quickly, Fabienne’s business reached 6 figures and others around her asked how she’d done it and, more importantly if they could too. That’s when she began teaching others her signature The Leveraged Business System® methods.

Then, in 2008, Fabienne crossed the unimaginable (for her) million dollar mark, while working from home and raising small children.

She has since generated multiple 7-figures per year with heart (for 14 years now) and more importantly, has taught tens of thousands of women how to create financial security using the same process she used to grow her own business. Today, as a result of her proven methods, thousands of women around the world are collectively bringing in tens of millions of dollars each year for themselves and their families, doing what they love, with 10+ weeks of vacation per year.

What We Believe

  • We believe that when a self employed woman makes her own money (lots of it), she has a greater voice and a choice in her life.
  • We believe that very successful self employment is not an art, but a science. Once a woman makes the commitment to “get in the kitchen with us and just follow the recipe”, she too takes control of her life and creates financial self-sufficiency.
  • We believe that your passions aren’t random, they are your calling.
  • We believe that the potential for greatness is already within you, and that you just need the right environment in which to blossom into it.
  • We believe that you ARE good enough. There is nothing wrong with you.
  • We believe that we are all born with a purpose and that it’s our divine duty to use it for good.
  • We believe in the positive power of entrepreneurship.
  • We believe in aligning your business with your passions and your unique calling.
  • We believe in the power of community, that it’s incredibly difficult to do great things by yourself.
  • We believe that, when given the choice to live either a vanilla existence or a Technicolor one full of purpose, meaning and fulfillment, that, well, there is no choice, really.
  • We believe in radical inclusion, in kindness, generosity, and that we are all one. We accept everyone. We stand for diversity, for unity, championing one another, and we are allies for one another, unapologetically. There is no other way for us. Period.
  • We believe in always being part of a like-minded tribe, because as you grow bigger professionally, you will also go through a personal growth process and this requires the emotional support and collective wisdom of a group of people who believe in you, more than just one person or coach can give you.
  • We believe that it’s imperative to deny the belief in your “smallness” and to squash that part of you that sometimes feels inadequate and undeserving.
  • We believe in protecting ourselves against naysayers and people who think too small.
  • We believe that 90% of success is directly related to the state of your mindset.
  • We believe in being bold, brave and courageous, because magic never happens within your comfort zone.

We believe in you and your greatness

Ready to step into your greatness?

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