Terri Bradley
boldheart business

I began working with Fabienne about 3 ½ years ago when it was just me in my business. I was totally maxed out. I couldn’t take on any more clients because there were no more hours in the day. I was working nights and weekends, and I was exhausted. I thought it had to be that way, that it had to always just be me delivering, and that no one else could do it like I do it.

As of today, I have 8 employees, 2 businesses, and have started a separate business line. The financial growth from the day I signed up to today is an 800 percent increase in revenue. And I was already at 6 figures when I started.

I learned how to put a team together. I learned that it’s okay to let go. And I learned how to put systems in place so when you do let go, it is still being done my way, my method.

Probably the biggest thing I’ve learned in the past 3 ½ years working with Boldheart is that I can be this successful and have a life. I can say “no.” I learned how to dream big, bigger than I ever, ever thought was imaginable. I never would have thought I’d have this success 3 years ago.

I’m being stretched every year. Every time Fabienne talks to me, I think, “Oh! Here we go again. What are we going to do now?” And it works every time.

I have made some of the dearest friends in this community – people that get me and I get them on a level that I just cannot find at home. From our super, super highs, to our really lowest of lows, we’re there for each other. We may not speak every week, we may not speak every month sometimes. But gosh, when you need a friend, they are there, they drop everything, and they have your back 100 percent.

I have had my butt kicked, and I have been hugged like never before in my life. It has been an amazing journey.

For those of you that are out there working evenings and weekends, who are are crushed under your business and overwhelmed, and might even be thinking about just throwing in the towel because it’s not worth it: it doesn’t have to be this way. (I, too, thought you had to work hard all the time to be a success.)

The biggest joke at our business meetings was that I would not submit vacation time because what would happen when I left? The world would fall apart! I now take 6 weeks of vacation. If I work nights and weekends, it’s by my choice, not because I have to or because someone’s telling me I do. My life is better. My life is more balanced. And this is pretty freaking awesome.