Stacey Martino
boldheart business

My husband Paul and I have a mission to get in front of as many people as possible, so that the people who need us can find us. Before enrolling in Boldheart Academy, we didn’t know how to make that possible.

In just one year, we have added over 200 new clients to our online programs and private coaching. Our list has gone from 68 people to over 3,600 people. We recovered our entire year’s investment in Boldheart Business in just four weeks!

While in the Growth Track, our business hit the six-figure mark in just 9 months. Now, we are leveraging our business and in February of this year, we had our first six-figure month! This summer we will host our first ever three-day live event, which we would never have been able to create without this mentoring and coaching.

Our financial success and ability to impact thousands of people is a direct result of the coaching and our family in Boldheart. The best part is that we are just getting going. We are on track to hit multiple six figures this year, and the seven-figure mark is in sight!

What I love about Fabienne and Derek is that they have already invested the big bucks to test all the strategies they give us, so they only give us what works. They always give us the “exactly how, step-by-step” approach.

The other students in the Boldheart Business family have become the rocket fuel behind our rapid success. Everyone here is working on my business with me.

If you are considering joining our Boldheart Business family, if you are called to play a bigger game and have a greater impact, I wholeheartedly recommend that you join us. This train is moving really fast. This program is creating six and seven-figure businesses all the time. Take your gift, your calling, and get on this train…we will zoom you right to where you want to go.