Sheri Chaney Jones
boldheart business

My name is Sheri Chaney Jones, president and founder of Measurement Resources Company, where we help government and non-profits measure and communicate their impact and value.

I had been following Fabienne, a successful business owner who had three little kids and I thought, “I want to be her.” So I came to one of her live events seven years ago, and even though I didn’t sign up right away, I knew that I was supposed to work with her.

That event was a huge trigger in my life. At the time, I was working full-time in a fairly high level government position with a side consulting business which made about $10,000 per year. I realized that I could not make more than $10,000 if it was just a side business because I also had two small children at that point in time.

I do not advise you to do this, but I resigned the Monday after I came back from that event. My husband, Matt, was there with me, and we both agreed that I should join. 

The success that Fabienne had while raising children was inspiring to me. I wanted to learn from her because there were other coaches who were teaching similar content, but they didn’t have kids. I knew that she would understand what it’s like to be a mother and to grow a business without compromising.

A year after I joined the Leverage track, my husband quit his corporate job and joined my business because we had done so well in that one year. We had our fourth child and I’ve had two babies since I started my business. Now we have four kids and it’s been an incredible journey.

I set the intention to have 7 figures in 2017 and we’re 85% of the way there. Because I launched my business with Fabienne’s teaching, training, and skills, the Boldheart curriculum is woven through the fabric of my business. I don’t know how to separate our success from everything that I learned in Boldheart. Accountability, leveraging teams, leveraging my time, how to hire, and even down to the exercises we do at our team retreat have all come from Fabienne’s curriculum.

I feel so blessed to have found Boldheart at the beginning because I can’t separate the wild trajectory I’ve had from implementing everything that I’ve learned. It’s the accountability from all of the other amazing people in this room that makes me know that I can do it.

Becoming a Boldheart member is an extremely wise investment. We invest in our education so we can get a good career, and I’m an academic and a researcher at heart, so to me, it made sense. I didn’t know how to market. My biggest fear when I started my business was, “How will I get clients? How will I market?” I went to the best. If I’m going to learn how to market, I’d better learn from the best. Just like you would go to the best university to get your degree, I went to the best business coach to learn how to grow my business.

I have met some of my closest friends in Boldheart. I live in Columbus, Ohio, and I joke that I have to come to Connecticut every three months to have wine with my friends. But with a mother of four kids, coming to a meeting every three months seems reasonable.

This is the best business investment I’ve ever made.