Michelle Tenzyk
boldheart business

When I met Fabienne, I was in the place where I’d given myself a year to make my business work or I was going to shut it down. I was running my business on the side of my corporate job, and had only made about $4000.  

Even though I was someone who’d been very sceptical about anyone trying to sell me anything, I trusted Fabienne. I work with corporations, but the models that are taught here work. What is true for B2C is absolutely applicable for B2B. So I rolled up my sleeves with my accountability partner (one of the best aspects of Boldheart Business is that you no longer need to figure this out on your own!) and made it work.

In two years here, I’ve surpassed $500,000 in this business. But, what has been incredibly inspiring is watching others achieve and surpass their goals and knowing that this entire community has my back. I’ve seen others achieve greatness and then lovingly share how they did it. Which has meant I could do it too.