Lucy Johnson and Mark Varnum
boldheart business

I signed up for the Growth Track of Boldheart Business l because I needed more clients. I remember signing up and not even knowing how I would pay for it. Two months later, I had made just over $80,000 dollars by embracing a no-excuses approach. I went from the Growth Track to the Leverage Track in six months, because I wound up having too many clients! Once in the Leverage Track, we took on a team, developed systems, launched a group program and began road shows. That year, we made just less than $900,000 dollars.

What’s really exciting is that I know how much money we will make in the next 12 months already. We will make nearly 2 million dollars. I know that because Boldheart Business has taught me that making money isn’t random. As long as you follow the formula, the money will come in. That’s given me more security than any amount of money in the bank.