Lorry Leigh Belhumeur
boldheart business

I help heal children that have had adverse childhood experiences and give them hope for a future that they never imagined would be possible. My company helps heal over 15,000 children and 55,000 family members and teachers per year.

Before I met Fabienne, I’d been looking for a business coach and was introduced to her from a Boldheart Business member. Fabienne was speaking at the Mindset Retreat and when I walked in the room, she was standing there hugging everyone. Before I made eye contact with her, I just knew that I was going to work with her. There was no question.

At that time, I was successfully running a large non-profit business. I got by on that, but my mindset still had a lot of baggage. I, myself, was a child with a lot of adversity, so I carried that with me. I went to the Mindset Retreat and had an amazing, unbelievable breakthrough. It was a tipping point, really.

I went back to the office and immediately started putting things into action. I did exactly what Fabienne said from that point on.

Our revenue was in the low 8 figures when I came in and, again, it was successful, but there was gunk in the way. My business was stable even during the 2008 recession. We didn’t lose income, but we were just kind of hovering for many, many years. In the last five years, I can document that we’ve grown exponentially since then. Five years ago, we were serving about 5,000 kids. Now, we’re serving over 15,000.

It’s so amazing and I can’t stress enough that for me, it was about feeling deserving. It was feeling like I am enough. It was feeling that I deserved the highest amount of support possible. All of those things that I had never dreamt of before.

I’ve been in the Boldheart Business program for four or five years now. The people here are amazing! The love, the acceptance, the ability to be myself, unapologetically, to bear my soul to a whole group of professionals…it just comes naturally. This is my tribe and I attribute the success to the content, the coaching, the value added by the group, the accountability buddies, and the people in this program. They’ve watched me grow exponentially and I’ve watched them too, and it’s all about celebration. Every single one of them says, “Oh my gosh. You did that? That’s amazing.”

To those of you on the fence, don’t wait at all. You have to sign up. You get to sign up. This is a privilege. You get to go to the next level, finally experience the true you, step into your purpose, and serve humanity.