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Read Tarek Bibi's Story
Tarek Bibi

I found myself crying because I realized I’d lost my freedom.

I now know exactly how to run this business and have freedom, so that I can be of service to people without having to be there…to have a team, to create, to leverage and to work on my business instead of in my business.

Read Leanna Glenn-Clark's Story
Leanna Glenn-Clark

My first 5-figure engagement. I am beyond grateful…

Read Alionka Polanco's Story
Alionka Polanco

Now, my yearly income has become my monthly income.

Read Terri Bradley's Story
Terri Bradley

The financial growth from the day I signed up to today is an 800 percent increase in revenue. And I was already at 6 figures when I started.

Read Alexander Nikolov's Story
Alexander Nikolov

In the first year alone, I finally quit my corporate job and I doubled my business. This year, I have approximately 40 percent growth on top of the doubled growth of last year. My business is 3 times bigger than it was 2 years ago.

Read Shereem Herndon-Brown's Story
Shereem Herndon-Brown

I had to step out a little bit on faith, and Boldheart has over-delivered in so many ways. In 6 months I made as much money as I did in the entire year in 2015.

Read Jessica Campos's Story
Jessica Campos

I joined Boldheart and just after implementing one lesson and a call with my coach, my income went up to $24,000 for one month. It’s almost six months now, and I’m close to $100,000.

Read Jenifer Madson's Story
Jenifer Madson

I doubled my revenue in one year from $200,000 in my business to $400,000. Because my message was so much clearer to me, I was able to get out and start marketing.

Read Sarit Lotem's Story
Sarit Lotem

After joining the Growth Track, I generated 5 times more revenue. Within 6 months, I moved up to the Leverage Track. And once I did that, I stopped struggling. I started to let go and believe in myself, in my dream, and in the work I do. And now, the exact type of people I want to work with just come to me. I changed who I served, I changed my prices, and I changed my programs. And they keep coming.