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Read Judy Heft's Story
Judy Heft

I’m taking more risks to take my business to the next level.

Read Dolores Hirschmann's Story
Dolores Hirschmann

I have permission to play the biggest game, the one that scares me. But I believe in the impact and that I can be unapologetically myself and celebrate myself for it.

Read Keri & Shereem Herndon-Brown's Story
Keri & Shereem Herndon-Brown

We needed to find someone who had the blueprint to take our business from 6 figures to 7 figures, and that’s what we’ve found here.

Read Alan Wallner's Story
Alan Wallner

I was looking for enlightenment as a business owner. And then I found Boldheart. Everything I was looking for was here.

Read Cynthia Jeanmary's Story
Cynthia Jeanmary

Now I know I’m not alone. If you are a person who wants to grow your business, and clear up some of the inside stuff… Join.

Read Rachel Dunham's Story
Rachel Dunham

Fabienne has shown me that it is totally possible to be a mom, have a successful business and challenge the status quo. She’s shown me that it’s all possible.

Read Jenifer Madson's Story
Jenifer Madson

I doubled my revenue in one year from $200,000 in my business to $400,000. Because my message was so much clearer to me, I was able to get out and start marketing.

Read Stacey Martino's Story
Stacey Martino

While in the Growth Track, our business hit the six-figure mark in just 9 months. Now, we are leveraging our business and in February of this year, we had our first six-figure month! This program is creating six and seven-figure businesses all the time.


Read Charles Ogwyn's Story
Charles Ogwyn

Last year my business grew 240 percent, and this year is on track to be even higher. I now have full-time employees, take time off for family and vacations and have a real sense of freedom.