Why is business success not more  straight-forward?

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After close to two decades of coaching thousands of business owners to grow, leverage and then multiply their businesses, we’ve learned that overwhelm and “stuckness” come from a shortage in three specific areas:


  1. Strategy
  2. Growth Mindset
  3. Community-Based Accountability

Overwhelmed business owners often feel they have no direction on where they’re going or what to prioritize first. There is no cohesive plan for growth, no mentorship or best practices, so they often reinvent the wheel. The STRATEGY is missing.

They often allow doubts or fears to stop them from initiating change due to second-guessing themselves, self-sabotage, not believing they deserve it or can do it, rather than boldly playing a bigger game. The GROWTH MINDSET needs strengthening.

Many business owners feel that they’re still doing everything themselves, operating solo even when they already have support in place. They are great at starting new things, but don’t always finish them when there’s a lack of structure and accountability. Plus, it’s lonely being a business owner who wants to play big. COMMUNITY-BASED ACCOUNTABILITY (and friendship) are greatly needed.

There is another way….
The Boldheart Business Way.

Many business owners are marketing effectively and continually filling their pipeline with prospects, consistently increasing their income, creating systems, delegating effectively and making more money while no longer working evenings or weekends.

They are turning their yearly revenues into their monthly revenues and gaining their life back. They have confidently grown and then leveraged their business. How?


After knowing that things haven’t been right for some time, they accept the help and guidance they need to specifically address the frustrations they face:


At Boldheart Busin1ess, they get the Strategy that allows them to be clear about where they are going: they follow marketing systems that already work, they receive growth strategies and best practices they didn’t know existed, they get mentored by already successful business owners, they get to model examples that show them exactly how to do something, they learn from other people’s best practices and experiences, they work from proven scripts, templates and processes, and they have time to play, set stretch goals, and attend regular meetings with mentors and other advancing entrepreneurs to gain clarity and next steps every 90 days.


2With every teaching, they also receive the Mindset so they use processes for thinking bigger and stretching their vision of what’s possible, they increase their belief in themselves, they integrate tools to get past fear and into action, they overcome internal blocks to success, apply strategies to eliminate distractions, discover hacks to be more intentional and disciplined in their day-to-day actions to get more done, develop an abundant mindset and increase their wealth consciousness by understanding the role of metaphysics and quantum mechanics and applying it to their business.


3The thing they never thought they’d find but have come to love is the Trusted Community, so that each business gets an environment of positivity and encouragement, surrounded with confident entrepreneurs who see them bigger, they have people they’ll talk to every day who’ll keep them lovingly accountable to their set goals in a structured way, rejoice in having authentic conversations they can’t have with just anyone else, have a safe place to celebrate their accomplishments as well as a soft place to land without being judged when things don’t go well, where others help them stay on track with daily accountability, and where they’ll get a loving kick in the pants when they need it most.

There is a science to SUCCESSFULLY running a SUCCESSFUL business.

And we’ve got the proven formula here at Boldheart Business. For close to two decades, we’ve been honing the frameworks, strategies, mindsets and formulas that allow our members to experience exponential growth.

And we’ve got a community like no other to support you through the process.

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So What’s Your Next Move? 

The path to Entrepreneurial Confidence begins with your first step. Once you say yes to Boldheart Business, your journey begins.

A defining question to ask yourself is: “Will I feel happy with my progress if one year from today my business is in the exact same place?”

Are You Ready For Your Next Level?

  • I am ready for my next level of growth
  • I am ready to take a ‘No Excuses Approach’ to my business
  • I am ready to no longer reinvent the wheel
  • I am ready to make more money in my business
  • I am ready to stop tolerating teeny tiny incremental steps
  • I am ready to take personal responsibility for my actions
  • I am ready to feel fully supported in my business
  • I am ready to be with fun, loving, positive thinkers who play big
  • I am ready to trust this proven process
  • I am ready to do the work that’s required

defining-momentLet this be a defining moment in your journey. Just one courageous decision, made in faith, can change the course of your life for the better. If you’re ready to stop going it alone, to stopping guessing what your next step should be and constantly reinvent the wheel to figure out this business ownership thing, explore what it would look like for you to have the support of us here at Boldheart Business.

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