Congratulations and welcome!

This marks a defining moment in your business.

We're so excited to welcome you to the community...and you're about to embark on a transformational journey, not only for your business success, but for your own personal growth.

Please take a moment to review the important information below to get a jumpstart on you orientation process in the Boldheart Business Program.

Download the How to Best Navigate the Program Guide

First Steps in the Program

This marks a defining moment in your business and we're very excited for you. Here is a helpful list of the steps to take while getting started in the program. The elements listed will be included in a series of onboarding emails that will be "drip-fed" (in order) over the course of the next few days. We're here to help if you have any questions.

Download the First Steps Guide

Step 1: Review Your Pre-Orientation Training

The Success Roadmap

Via email, you'll soon receive your login information to your Member Center with the link to access your Success Roadmap. The Success Roadmap is an important "Set Yourself Up For Success" session. You will discover how to get the most out of your investment in this Program by implementing effective time management skills and clearing the decks to help you become even more clear, productive, and focused.

Step 2: Schedule Your Orientation Session

Via email, you will be invited to schedule your upcoming Orientation. Fabienne will go over everything you need to know about your Program, including all of the various features and benefits - plus, how to take advantage of everything that is available to you. You'll understand how to plan your calendar so you can attend your upcoming Q&A and Mastermind Pod sessions, as well as your quarterly sessions. With a Boldheart Team member's help, you'll take a tour of the Member Center, discover how to navigate it, and learn about the many helpful resources in store for you crafted specifically to help you get results from the Program. (Results are an issue of personal responsibility, so please make scheduling this a priority as soon as possible. The sooner you schedule your orientation session, the sooner you can begin the Program.)

Step 3: Business Questionnaire and Strategy Session

After you have attended your Orientation Session, you will receive an invitation via email to complete your Business Questionnaire, the starting point for your program. Please complete it in its entirety (be descriptive) as soon as possible. Once submitted, you'll receive an email confirmation, including a copy of your answers. As soon as we receive it, you'll be invited to schedule your initial private Strategy Session and will then be able to participate in the upcoming sessions and begin the curriculum modules. Everything starts when you fill out your Business Questionnaire and schedule your Strategy Session.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Download the Meeting Dates

Growth Track Activators


Monday, November 2, 2020

February 2021 (TBD)

May 2021 (TBD)

July 2021 (TBD)

Leverage Track Activators (Year 1)


Monday, December 7 - Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Tuesday, March 2 - Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Tuesday, June 1 - Wednesday, June 2, 2021

September 2021 (TBD)

Boldheart Business Innervators


Monday, December 14, 2020

June 2021 (TBD)

Planning & Strategy


Wednesday, January 6, 2021