You’re being too nice

You are soooooo nice.

Everyone tells you how generous you are and how you go out of your way to help others. You’re incredibly giving.

(Is this you? Then this week’s video is going to be a game changer for you.)
In fact, you like being likable, but sometimes, you wonder why you’re not creating different results in your business and why it’s not happening fast enough.

Being too nice, too much of a “good girl,” can be a detriment to your business – especially as it relates to generating more leads and enrolling more clients.

If you think you have a problem getting more people to say they want to work with you, meaning you’re doing all the marketing things you should be doing, and people still aren’t coming to you…watch this:

Listen, I love to be nice. I’m a nice person, too. People seem to really like me.
And yet being too “nice” doesn’t always get you the results you want.

Nice has its place. But in business, we sometimes must be more direct. Bold.

We must come out of our comfort zone and help people connect the dots that they should be working with us.

We need to ASK.

All of the marketing in the world won’t matter if you don’t learn to confidently ask people to have a conversation with you about working together.

In other areas of your life, this might be considered bossy.

God, I used to be called BOSSY all my life, as if it was an insult. (I like to consider myself DECISIVE or DIRECT, not bossy.) ;)

There is a misconception out there that being direct is somehow rude…and especially for women…unseemly.

I’m here to tell you that you can be feminine and direct at the same time. I am.

In general, most of us have been taught not to ask for what we want, especially us women.

This applies to us as business owners and it also applies to our customers.

We’ve been taught that we shouldn’t disturb others, that their comfort is more important than ours.

Ever sat uncomfortably in the window seat of a plane because you didn’t want to bother the people sitting next to you to get up so you could get out?

(I’ll let you connect the dots on this one!)

It’s craziness. But we all do it.

Everyone’s stuck. Because we are all being so nice and not asking for what we want. So nothing changes. Problems stay problems. Dreams stay dreams.

Do you know who gets what they want?

People who ask.

Let me remind you… YOU are a leader. YOU can help people. YOU want to be of service to people and you want to make money in your business.



Give the Call to Action.

It’s not being pushy – it’s caring enough to put yourself in a vulnerable place of being direct.

The key for me, as a woman who isn’t a bully and who wants to remain feminine, is to do it with love.

Don’t wait for them to come to you. Suggest the action you want them to take. Tell them they may need you. Tell them that you just may have the solution to the problem they have. Ask them to reach out to you or ask them to buy!

Want to know what it looks like to ask? I model some great language for you to borrow in the video.

Today, I am asking you to stop being so nice and to tell people what to do so that they can get your help. The irony is that they will thank you for it. They know what they want, too.

Chances are, they too are simply being too nice to ask for it.

This is how you fill your calendar with calls with ideal potential clients. Try it on. And let me know what you discover!

Much love,

P.S. Since we are on the subject, I want to tell you about someone I spoke with this week, a brand new client who first spoke to us in January and enrolled a month ago. She had been following me and reading these emails for 11 years. Yes, eleven!

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She was beaming, smiling ear to ear. She told me that she would never have been able to do this by herself. That being in Boldheart Business the last month has already been life-changing.

Maybe you’ve been following me for a long time too.

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P.P.S. See! Like that. :)

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